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Australian Delegation Visits NAAG

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) arranged for eight Australian delegates to visit the NAAG office on April 12. For over 44 years, the ACYPL has designed, organized, and managed unique international exchange activities for young political leaders worldwide. Their programs are designed to promote mutual understanding, respect, and friendship and to cultivate long-lasting relationships among young people who are poised to become tomorrow’s global leaders and policy makers.

The delegation consisted of several members from the personal staff of Australian members of Parliament and state legislators as well as staff members of the three most prominent Australian political parties. The delegation met with NAAG Executive Director Jim McPherson and Chief of Staff Scott Messing who provided a brief presentation on the functions, duties, and responsibilities of NAAG. The following discussion focused on the roles of the Attorneys General, current issues, and some specific examples of how NAAG supports the Attorneys General in serving the citizens of their states. The discussion also focused on federal-state relationships and current partnerships between various federal agencies and the Attorneys General.

In addition to visiting NAAG, the delegation was scheduled to spend time on Capitol Hill meeting with several members of Congress, visit the U.S. Department of State, meet with various trade groups, and finally visit several cities throughout the United States. Owing to the long-standing relationship between ACYPL and NAAG Deputy Executive Director Chris Toth, NAAG hosts several delegations of visitors every year.

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