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Employee Spotlight

Bill Lieblich, Tobacco Deputy Chief Counsel

As the Tobacco Project’s deputy chief counsel for public health, Bill Lieblich coordinates and facilitates the enforcement by the 52 Settling States of the Master Settlement Agreement’s (MSA) public health provisions, which restrict the advertising, marketing and promotional activities of the tobacco companies that have signed the MSA. He also coordinates and supports the defense of lawsuits challenging the validity of the MSA and related statutes on a variety of constitutional grounds. So far, none of the more than 20 such lawsuits that have been filed has been successful.

Prior to joining the NAAG staff in 2000, Bill worked in private practice at a Washington, D.C. law firm, specializing in international law and arbitration as well as complex litigation in federal and state courts. Before that, he worked as an attorney for the U.S. Department of State’s Office of the Legal Adviser, where he provided legal advice on matters relating to U.S. foreign relations.

Bill finds his background in international law useful as he works to coordinate efforts on behalf of the states. “The diplomacy that I learned at the State Department carries over into my current position as I work with the states ‑ which in some ways resemble sovereign nations ‑ to find common positions on difficult issues,” he said. He finds great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact that the MSA has had on the public health by significantly reducing smoking rates, particularly among teenagers.

In his spare time, Bill enjoys reading fiction and history and listening to classical music. He is looking forward to forming a basketball team with his four grandsons, who range in age from one to 18 years old. He received his bachelor’s degree in history from Rice University and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

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AG Spotlight

Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich was sworn into office as Arizona attorney general in January 2015.