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Employee Spotlight

Lisa Jeter, Web and New Media Services Director

Even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, Lisa Jeter knows that most people ignore this old adage. She surely has this in mind whenever she is working her creative magic on NAAG’s Web site and print publications.

One of the areas Lisa is responsible for as the director of Web and New Media Services is the Association’s Web presence. She oversees the hardware infrastructure of the servers that host the site, and determines the software used to collect, display and disseminate Association information. She creates print publications and ensures that conference and course materials are properly branded and catalogued for the archives. “My job is to help everyone put their best foot forward with regard to the materials and information we distribute,” Lisa said.

“Information technology is fascinating and it feeds my interests in problem-solving, data organization and workflow creation. One day I may have to troubleshoot server issues, another day I am collaborating with project counsel on enhancements of a database I have built for them. My work is never boring,” she said.

Lisa is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds a degree in Classical Studies, with a concentration in Latin. She feels her study of Latin provides a firm foundation in languages, including computer languages. She joined NAAG in 2004 after working in a variety of technical positions with federal and non-profit agencies.

This Salem, Va., native is a voracious reader and an adventurous cook. She enjoys a wide range of activities, though most of them are centered on the computer. As a former Atlantic Coast Conference track and field champion during college, she has recently resolved to spend more time away from her desk. She has since reconnected with her athletic background by taking Hawaiian hula classes. �There are so many layers; I don�t think I�ll ever tire of it.�

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AG Spotlight

Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General

Derek Schmidt has been the Kansas attorney general since 2011 and is the current NAAG president.