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Chief Deputies Meet in Wisconsin

Thirty-nine chief deputies attended the annual NAAG Chief Deputies Seminar in Madison, Wis., May 18-20. Hosted by Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and his Chief Deputy Raymond Taffora, the two-day seminar allowed attendees to discuss a wide variety of issues and explore new ways of addressing common questions. The topics included such timely issues as legislative investigations, deconfliction between civil and criminal cases, employee performance evaluations, budget issues, electronic document retention, and the Endangered Species Act. Guest speakers included former Maine Attorney General Jim Tierney who spoke on the “Rules of Professional Responsibility as Applied to Attorney General Offices” and NAAG Supreme Court Counsel Dan Schweitzer who provided a Supreme Court update.

As always, highlights included time apart in a roundtable discussion during which

each chief deputy took the opportunity to share solutions to common problems they each faced, solicit ideas on various issues, and discover common ground that cut across regional or political divides. The chief deputies discovered once more the strength in their shared experiences and common goals.

The highlight of the seminar was a heartfelt tribute to Nebraska Chief Deputy Dave Cookson for his year of inspiring leadership and tireless efforts on behalf of all the chief deputies.

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