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NAGTRI Prepares Training Calendar for 2010-11

Chris Toth, Acting Executive Director

The National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI) is planning an exciting year of training opportunities in 2010-11 for Attorneys General offices. These training opportunities continue to be made possible with the financial support of NAAG’s Mission Foundation and with several grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice.

NAGTRI provides high-quality, responsive, and innovative legal training to assistant attorneys general across the country usually at little or no cost to the attendee. In the last two years, 4,000 students have attended NAGTRI courses. Between 25 - 30 national programs are annually conducted, that include Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. Many of the programs offer between one and three ethics hours.

Course offerings for the 2010-11 academic season include additional iterations of core NAGTRI trainings in the areas of depositions, negotiations, trial advocacy, ethics, and appellate advocacy. Additionally, several courses in the areas of state defensive litigation, bankruptcy, and collections are in the process of being scheduled. A strong season of cyber–related courses such as e-discovery, computer forensics, and combating cybercrime is also in the offing. NAGTRI will again be offering its courses for new managers and in advanced leadership and management. Finally, NAGTRI is teaming up again with the National State Attorneys General program at Columbia University to sponsor a charities fraud training in New York City after the new year.

There are several new courses that have been developed or proposed. NAGTRI will be holding a training for Attorney General public information officers in Chicago Aug 2 - 4. The agenda includes disaster response communication and the use of new Web tools. NAGTRI will also be conducting seminars for IT professionals and paralegals. An advanced trial advocacy training is also being developed for next spring. For civil rights attorneys, a course will be offered on current issues. Environmental trainings include a course that will concentrate on current issues in waste management legal issues and another course on laws concerning fish and wildlife conservation and protection.

NAGTRI will also be holding one-day trainings throughout the country for police officers, district attorneys, and Attorney General offices on intellectual property theft, supported by a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and in partnership with the National White Collar Crime Center. (See the accompanying article in this month’s NAAGazette for more information.) Finally, NAGTRI is receiving a grant under the auspices of the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute, a division of the federal Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), to develop and hold demonstration trainings for state prosecutors and judges to assist in attacking the appalling growth in human trafficking in this country.

The requests for mobile training for this fiscal year have already started. Last year, NAGTRI conducted mobile training in management, e-discovery, ethics, cybercrime, bankruptcy, depositions, trial advocacy, and negotiations. Offices interested in mobile training are encouraged to contact Bill Malloy at to inquire about these or other opportunities for NAGTRI trainers to come to your state.

None of these courses would be possible without the continued support that Attorney General offices throughout the country have so generously given by allowing their attorneys to work with NAGTRI staff on developing and teaching these courses. Without that assistance, NAGTRI would not be able to develop new courses nor continue to teach the core courses that have trained thousands in the past two years. NAGTRI also recognizes that, without the continued financial contribution of the Mission Foundation, the vast majority of the state Attorney General offices would be unable to send attorneys and staff to these trainings.

The NAGTRI course calendar will be updated as agendas, dates, and locations are confirmed for the fiscal year. For the latest, go to




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