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National Association of Attorneys General National Association of Attorneys General

Volume 5, Number 1

NAAG Welcomes New Attorneys General
NAAG is welcoming a class of 20 new Attorneys General in 2011. The number of new Attorneys General is the largest in recent memory.
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Employee Spotlight
A few months ago, Tamara Schlinger became the newest counsel to join the NAAG Tobacco Project. Her public health background and general knowledge of the Master Settlement Agreement (�MSA�) made her the optimal candidate for this position.
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Join NAAG for its Spring Meeting
The NAAG Annual Spring Meeting is scheduled for March 7 � 9 in Washington, DC and registration is now open. It is the first gathering of NAAG membership since 18 new Attorneys General took office since the November elections.
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NAAG Welcomes Supreme Court Fellows for Winter Term
The NAAG Supreme Court Fellows program gives assistant attorneys general (AAG) an opportunity for direct and rigorous exposure to the practices of the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Humans for Sale: Bargain Prices
Judy McKee, NAGTRI Program Manager
To most Americans, a discussion of slavery is for historians and academics. As a nation, we may still be dealing with the reverberations from our past acceptance of what is now universally condemned as an abhorrent practice, but the notion that slavery still exists in the �land of the free� would be laughable.
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Save Money by Investing in Office �Greening�
By Linda Brughelli, Author, GreenworksGov and Chair, Green Office, California Attorney General�s Office
I grew up hearing my parents say �Waste not, want not�. It was an admonition to get me to turn off my bedroom light when I left the room, to eat the food I put on my plate, and to take care of my consumable possessions, which in those days were pencils, pens, and binder paper.
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AG Spotlight

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General

Josh Shapiro was elected attorney general of Pennsylvania in November 2016.