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Get to Know: The Public Health Law Network

As a former state assistant attorney general from Wisconsin, I am excited to tell you about the Public Health Law Network, which delivers legal technical assistance, develops unique resources and provides training on a wide range of public health legal issues.

In order to best provide assistance, the Network promotes collaboration by seamlessly connecting experts in public health law with those searching for public health legal information and guidance, including Attorneys General and their staff, public health officials at the federal, tribal, state and local levels, practitioners, policy-makers and more. The Network’s experts come from a growing cadre of former legal counsel to state public health agencies, practicing attorneys, public health lawyers and legal scholars.

Resources for Attorneys General and their staff

The Network provides effective, timely assistance to solve public health legal challenges. Attorneys General and their staff can draw on Network expertise in a variety of ways:

  • Get technical assistance. Network attorneys provide their expertise, connections and research to solve public health legal challenges. Call or e-mail for technical assistance.
  • Access educational resources and training. Visit the Network’s Web site for unique new resources, analysis on emerging issues, webinars, trainings and more.
  • Join the Network. The Network is building relationships across the country to create a channel to share public health law expertise and experiences. We recognize Attorneys General and their staff as important sources of legal knowledge and experience, and encourage you to Join the Network to share your public health law knowledge and experience, to connect with others across the country and to get the latest information on public health law.

The Nuts and Bolts

With initial funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), we recently launched the Network in September 2010. The Network is comprised of a National Coordinating Center and 5 regions that serve specific areas of the entire United States. Each region is led by of a robust group of highly-qualified attorneys who collaborate with experts across the country.

The wide range of public health issues that the Network provides expertise on includes:

I hope you will join the Network. To learn more about the Network and its services, visit

Dan Stier, J.D., serves as director of the Public Health Law Network – National Coordinating Center. Before coming to the Network, Dan was a senior public health analyst at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Law Program. In that position, he led dozens of public health initiatives, including the CDC’s coordination of state efforts to establish a regional approach to public health emergency preparedness. Dan spent 10 years in the Wisconsin Attorney General Office, serving as an assistant attorney general and unit director, and also served as chief legal counsel at the Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services and deputy secretary at the Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

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