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Volume 6, Number 1

Regulating Tribal Cigarette Sales under the Master Settlement Agreement
By Patricia Molteni, Tobacco Project Counsel
The Supreme Court of Oklahoma, in Edmondson v. Native Wholesale Supply, 2010 OK 58, 237 P.3d 199 (2010), recently issued a ruling affirming the authority of the state of Oklahoma to regulate the sale of cigarettes in Oklahoma even though the cigarettes as issued were manufactured by an Indian tribe, distributed through a business owned by a tribal member, and sold to a tribal wholesaler located on an Oklahoma reservation.
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SAGE Spotlight
After serving as Florida's Attorney General for four years, Bill McCollum joined SNR Denton in 2011 where he, along with fellow SAGE member and former Indiana Attorney General Jeff Modisett, now lead the firm's newly-formed State Attorneys General practice.
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Ethics: Two Very Simple and Practical Guidelines
By Jim McPherson, Executive Director
If you turned to this article expecting to find a quick hour of continuing legal education qualifying ethics credit, I hate to disappoint you. What follows in the next few paragraphs is very simple and practical advice from a very distinguished businessman and government leader � who isn�t an attorney!
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State and Local Law Enforcement Funded by Federal �Minibus� Bill
By Blair Tinkle, General Counsel and Congressional Liaison
In mid-November 2011, both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed H.R. 2112, an appropriations bill that contained three of the 12 annual appropriations bills.
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NAAG Welcomes Supreme Court Fellows for Winter Term
The NAAG Supreme Court Fellows program gives deputy and assistant attorneys general an opportunity for direct and rigorous exposure to the practices of the U.S. Supreme Court.
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NAAG Counsel Publications and Speaking Engagements
NAAG counsel is often invited to write articles and speak on legal issues. Bankruptcy and human trafficking are recent highlights.
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Get to Know: International Association of Prosecutors
By Elizabeth Howe, OBE, LLB, General Counsel, International Association of Prosecutors
NAAG enjoys an institutional membership in the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP). IAP membership is open to both law enforcement organizations and individual attorneys who work for those organizations.
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Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General

Josh Shapiro was elected attorney general of Pennsylvania in November 2016.