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Volume 6, Number 11

2012 Attorneys General Election Results
Ten states held Nov. 6 elections for attorney general. The following are those chosen by the voters to serve. Their terms will begin in January 2013.
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Employee Spotlight
David Rabe is a long way from his native Wisconsin, but for this history buff Washington D.C. is a great place to be. He joined the NAAG staff in August as a participant in the George Washington University Law School�s Pathways to Practice Fellowship Program, which allows recent graduates to obtain practical experience that will compliment the legal skills they developed in law school.
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Decisions Affecting the Powers and Duties of Attorneys General
By Emily Myers, NAAG Antitrust Counsel and Powers and Duties Counsel
This is another in our series reporting on recent decisions from across the country affecting the powers and duties of attorneys general.
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Attorneys General Staff Receive Top Recognition for Mortgage Settlement Work
Eight staff members from state attorneys general offices received the �Distinguished Service Award,� the U.S. Department of Justice�s second highest award for employee performance for their leadership roles working on the $25 billion national mortgage settlement.
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Trusts, Trustees, and Defalcation: Writing Your Own Protections into Your Bankruptcy Cases
By Karen Cordry, NAAG Bankruptcy Counsel
On Oct. 29, the U.S. Supreme Court took certiorari in Bullock v. BankChampaign, N.A. The case specifically deals with the issue of what is the standard for excepting a debt that arises from an act of �defalcation� by a fiduciary from discharge in a bankruptcy case.
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The Common Interest Doctrine�s Development and Expansion
By Paula Cotter, NAAG Energy and Environment Counsel and Stephen Nevius, 2012 NAAG Bill Brown Scholarship recipient 1
The common interest rule or common interest doctrine is an evidentiary privilege that serves to limit the discoverability of certain materials. Many courts describe the common interest rule as an exception to the waiver of the attorney-client privilege.
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Tim Fox, Montana Attorney General

Tim Fox, the Montana attorney general, has worked in public service since 1990.