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Volume 8, Number 10

A Preview of the 2014 Supreme Court Term

Dan Schweitzer, NAAG Supreme Court Chief Counsel
The 2014 Supreme Court Term already appears likely to make history as the first Term where the big story is the case or cases that the Court chose not to hear. However, the 47 cases pending as of Oct. 13 on the Court’s docket contain much to interest the state attorney general community.

NAAG Supreme Court Fellows Start Work

The NAAG Supreme Court Fellows program gives deputy and assistant attorneys general an opportunity for direct and rigorous exposure to the practices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Two new Fellows are working with the NAAG Supreme Court counsel through December.

A Wake-Up Call: Cyberattacks Intensify on State Databases

Hedda Litwin, NAAG Cyberspace Law Chief Counsel and NAGTRI Program Counsel
State databases are very desirable targets for cyber thieves because states are collecting and storing comprehensive data about their citizens with online access to government services. As a result, cybersecurity is not just a matter for the IT department; it is a state business issue that must be addressed.

Steps Attorneys General Are Taking to Reduce Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Francesca Liquori, NAGTRI Program Counsel
Current statistics show that there is much to be done to reduce sexual violence on college campuses, but action is being taken. This article outlines recent legislative activity and details steps taken by state attorneys general and the federal government to address this issue.

What is Restorative Justice?

Patrick Galasso, NAGTRI Visiting Fellow
Crime is best handled by focusing on healing the victim and reintegrating the offender into functional society. Today, dozens of states and foreign nations are experimenting with different restorative justice models in order to improve a community’s response to crime.

Rule of Law and the Role of Attorneys

NAGTRI International Fellows
A group of attorneys from four countries writes about the role of attorneys in keeping the rule of law in focus in an economic age of “more for less.” It is the third article in a series on the rule of law from the NAGTRI International Fellows program.

Three Attorneys Join NAAG as Visiting Fellows

Rachel Stone, NAAG Communications Assistant
Three attorneys recently joined NAAG as visiting fellows through their law schools’ Bridge to Practice programs. The law schools provide funding for recent graduates to work in organizations while searching for full-time employment.

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Brian Frosh, Maryland Attorney General

Brian Frosh was sworn in as Maryland attorney general in January 2015.