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Update on Appointed and Elected Attorneys General

Several decisions have been made in states where the attorney general is appointed by the governor or elected by the state legislature. This is follow up to the November election results for attorneys general (


The newly-elected governor appointed Craig W. Richards as attorney general, who took office in early December. He took over from Alaska Attorney General Michael Geraghty.


Attorney General David Louie’s last day was Dec. 1. Russell Suzuki, former chief deputy, is serving as acting attorney general until Dec. 31. The newly-elected governor will appoint a new attorney general.


The attorney general is selected by secret ballot of the Maine legislature. On Dec. 3, the legislature voted for Attorney General Janet Mills to receive another 2-year term.

Virgin Islands

At press time, newly-elected Governor Kenneth Mapp had not announced whether he would appoint a new attorney general. The current attorney general is Vincent Frazer. Gov. Mapp takes office Jan. 5.

As of mid-December, there are 17 new state or territorial attorneys general. A few have already started work, but most will be sworn into office in January.

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Brian Frosh was sworn in as Maryland attorney general in January 2015.