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Volume 8, Number 2

Musings on the Supreme Court Term at the halfway mark
Dan Schweitzer, NAAG Supreme Court Counsel
Mid-February was the halfway mark of the U.S. Supreme Court Term and an appropriate time to take stock. What have we learned from the opinions that have been issued so far, the oral arguments, and the cert grants this Term? At press time, it was so far so good for the states, for one.
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Decisions Affecting the Powers and Duties of Attorneys General
Emily Myers, NAAG Antitrust Counsel and Powers and Duties Counsel
This article reports on recent decisions across the country affecting the powers and duties of state attorneys general
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Supreme Court Fellows Winter 2014
The NAAG Supreme Court Fellows program gives deputy and assistant attorneys general an opportunity for direct and rigorous exposure to the practices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Two new Fellows are working with the NAAG Supreme Court counsel through March 2014.
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Designer Drugs Lead to Designer Legislation
Francesca Liquori, NAGTRI Program Counsel
With heightened use and abuse of harmful synthetic drugs, federal and state legislation is being used to reduce the supply.
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Reduce Medicaid Expenditures with Stable and Healthy Housing
Jeanette Manning, NAGTRI Program Counsel
It is in the states� interest to make Medicaid more cost-effective. Since a strong correlation exists between housing and improved health, state promotion of stable and healthy housing may be one creative link to decrease Medicaid expenditures.
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Mobile Devices: Challenges and Opportunities for Law Enforcement
Cell phone use has become nearly universal, presenting new ways to commit old offenses, and posing major challenges for law enforcement. It�s been addressed by courts in different, and sometimes conflicting, ways around the world.
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Get to Know: The Pew Charitable Trusts
Kelly Adams, Senior Associate, Government Relations, Pew Center on the States
This �Get to Know� column offers an introduction to the nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts and its state, health, and consumer protection initiatives.
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