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AG Spotlight: Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway

As Kentucky’s 49th attorney general, currently serving his second term, Jack Conway has made child and consumer protection a top priority and stands as a pioneer in his fight to combat illegal drug use statewide.

Attorney General Conway holds leadership positions within NAAG as co-chair of its Substance Abuse Committee and chair of the Energy and Environment Committee. He is also a member of the Consumer Protection and Veterans Affairs committees.

“Through the National Association of Attorneys General, I’ve had the honor of joining with my colleagues to fight substance abuse, protect consumers and stand up for our veterans. It’s amazing what we can do as a group when we join across party lines in a collective voice on behalf of our states. I appreciate the NAAG staff and all the work they do to assist us in accomplishing those efforts,” said Attorney General Conway.

Since his first election in 2007, Attorney General Conway has led efforts to prosecute child predators through the implementation of a Cybercrimes Unit. The Cybercrimes Unit, which proves to have a 100 percent conviction rate, processes digital evidence for agencies, and also provides training for Kentucky police and prosecutors on how to effectively process evidence of this kind.

Also in an effort to enhance child protection, Attorney General Conway created the first statewide prescription drug task force, which coordinates with federal, state and local law enforcement officers to rid Kentucky communities of unlawful prescription pills. For this effort, he received the “Soaring Eagle” award from Operation Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education (UNITE). The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office also received UNITE’s “Most Valuable Agency” award for its participation in joint investigations.

This summer, Attorney General Conway announced that $32 million obtained from settlements with two pharmaceutical companies would be used to expand substance abuse treatment in Kentucky. The money is completing construction of a new treatment facility for adults, provides treatment scholarships, and creates drug-free living quarters for those that leave in-patient treatment.

In September, Attorney General Conway joined Gov. Steven Beshear, First Lady Jane Beshear and members of the Substance Abuse Treatment Advisory Committee in presenting grants, using funding from the settlements (, to 19 adolescent substance abuse treatment facilities. The grants will be used to fund public-private partnerships and expand substance abuse treatment for young people throughout Kentucky.

“As Kentucky’s chief law enforcement officer, I know that we cannot arrest our way out of the insidious problem of addiction,” Attorney General Conway said. “Education and treatment must be part of the equation. I’ve traveled across Kentucky educating more than 40,000 students, parents and teachers about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. Now we’ll be able to expand treatment across this state and help stop the cycle of addiction.”

Attorney General Conway has demonstrated his longstanding commitment to consumer protection through his investigation of wholesale gasoline prices in Kentucky, his review of questionable practices by some for-profit colleges, as well as his participation in the historic mortgage settlement that reimbursed consumers who had been wrongfully foreclosed upon by one of the nation’s largest banks.

In August, Attorney General Conway joined five other state attorneys general and the U.S. Department of Justice in announcing a settlement with the Bank of America Corporation for defrauding the Kentucky pension system by selling residential mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations without disclosing the high-risk associated with these products. This settlement marks the largest civil settlement with a single entity in American history.

Attorney General Conway and his wife Elizabeth Davenport Conway are the parents of two daughters, Eva and Alex. He holds an undergraduate degree in public policy from Duke University and graduated with honors from the National Law Center at George Washington University.

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