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Employee Spotlight

Tracye Payne Wilson, Association Administrator, NAMFCU Project

It has been nearly 15 years ago since Tracye Payne Wilson first started her career at NAAG as a secretary.

At NAAG, her responsibilities included staffing the Supreme Court Project and the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units (NAMFCU), as well as pitching in wherever her administrative skills were needed. Back then, there were no more than 20 staffers at NAAG. She worked on a clunky DOS computer system for most of the day, and used a typewriter for various projects. There was no spell-check function on her computer, no Internet and no voice mail.

“We just had a receptionist who took handwritten messages,” Tracye laughed. “And since there was no spellcheck on the computers, you had to eyeball everything. I can even remember getting training on how to use the computer mouse.”

But today, NAAG is a different place. The staff size has more than doubled, pocket-sized Blackberries are the norm and some staffers insist they have never seen a typewriter.

“The work of the Attorneys General has really changed,” Tracye said. “With the evolution of the Internet, it has really created of all kinds of new issues and gray areas.”

Tracye still works for NAMFCU, but as an Association Administrator, providing a full range of project management and administrative support. NAMFCU has grown to 50 member Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCUs) and approximately 1,900 employees – staffed by Tracye and NAMFCU Counsel Barbara Zelner.

A 1999 graduate of the University of the District of Columbia, Tracye spends her free time working as the outreach coordinator, group facilitator and newsletter editor at Our Place, DC, a drop-in center for formerly incarcerated D.C. women that helps women remain drug and alcohol free, obtain decent housing and jobs, gain access to education, secure resources for their children, and maintain physical and emotional health. Tracye has been involved with this program since its inception in 1999, was a member of the Advisory Board when the program was in the earliest stages of development and still serves in the capacity of program advisor.

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