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Podcasts for Paralegals

The National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), a branch of the National Association of Attorneys General, has recorded three podcasts offering training to paralegals in attorneys general offices. Available here, they can be heard either through the NAGTRI website or downloaded on personal devices for listening at more convenient times.

The first podcast, recorded by Judy Zeprun Kalman, general counsel and head of the Attorney General Institute in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, deals with the unauthorized practice of law and some ethical issues paralegals should be aware of in their job. In the second podcast recorded by Mark Neil, NAGTRI program counsel, he recommends methodologies for drafting discovery requests. In the third podcast, Hedda Litwin, NAAG cyberspace law chief counsel and NAGTRI program counsel, explains what paralegals should know about the 30(b)(6) deposition.

Four more podcasts for paralegals are being planned on topics such as using the Bluebook, research methodologies, prison litigation, and a deeper look into ethical issues. If a paralegal is interested in being contacted when one of these podcasts has been posted, please contact Laurel Pugliese at If there is interest in a podcast being recorded on a particular topic, please contact Judy McKee at

NAGTRI has been notified that some offices are having difficulties accessing the podcasts. If that is the case in your office, please contact your office IT personnel for assistance.

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