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Volume 2, Number 1

February 2017: NAGTRI Journal

Curricular Objectives and the Public Schools: Current Events and the Teaching about Religion

Kevin C. McDowell, Deputy Attorney General, Indiana Attorney General's Office
A deputy attorney general from Indiana discusses the complexities of weaving religious studies into public school curricula and which school systems have run the legal gamut as a result.

Ethics Corner | Managers as Caretakers: Rule 5.1

Judy McKee, NAGTRI Deputy Director
This is an ongoing column exploring various ethical topics relevant to attorneys general and other government attorneys. This issue addresses how managers can make reasonable efforts to ensure that the lawyers they supervise conduct themselves ethically. It notes that the legal profession is struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues in a much higher proportion than the general population.

Recent Powers and Duties Decisions

Emily Myers, NAAG Powers and Duties Chief Counsel and NAGTRI Program Counsel
This article reports on the latest decisions across the country affecting the powers and duties of state attorneys general.

U.S. Supreme Court Brief Writing Style Guide: Part 3

Dan Schweitzer, Director and Chief Counsel, NAAG Center for Supreme Court Advocacy
In the third, and last, of a style guide series, Dan Schweitzer, director and chief counsel of NAAG's Center for Supreme Court Advocacy, shares his insights and expertise in drafting the heart of the brief — the Introduction, the Statement of the Case, and the Argument.

Beau Biden Fellowship and State Resources to Protect Our Most Vulnerable, Our Children

Shannon Signore, Fall 2016 Beau Biden Fellow and Chief, Child Abuse Unit, Rhode Island Attorney General's Office
The first Beau Biden Foundation fellow reflects on her experience working with NAAG, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and other agencies that collaborate with law enforcement and play an integral role in finding and protecting victims of child abuse.

Advancing Leadership Development in the Offices of Attorneys General

Nikki Calvano, NAGTRI Consultant
This article addresses three areas for consideration in regards to leadership development: building a culture of leadership, fostering employee engagement, and embracing change. It also suggests practices and behaviors to help meet related managerial challenges.

Land Banks: A Viable Solution for Revitalizing Abandoned, Derelict Properties

Kari Reed, Former NAGTRI Visiting Fellow
This article explores the costly effects of abandoned properties within municipalities and how attorneys general offices have used land banks to revitalize communities in their states.

Developing Domestic Violence Shelters in Rwanda

Stephanie Haven, Paralegal, Massachusetts Attorney General's Office
As part of NAAG's continuing and evolving partnership with the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, two members from the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office participated in a unique opportunity conducting training for a group of government and non-government officials in Rwanda on establishing and operating a domestic violence shelter.

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