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Volume 3, Number 3

October 2018: NAGTRI Journal

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When Social Media Becomes an Oxymoron Part II: Student Free Speech and Substantial Disruption

Kevin C. McDowell, Assistant Chief Counsel, Advisory Division, Indiana Attorney General's Office
Part I of this article discussed to what extent public schools may discipline students for threats posted on social media. Part II analyzes student speech on social media and the extent to which schools can discipline students when that speech interrupts the orderly operation of schools, including protecting students against bullying, harassment, and intimidation.

Ethics Corner: Prosecutors and PowerPoints

Judy McKee, Former NAGTRI Program Counsel and Chief Editor
With courts embracing the use of modern technology during trials, prosecutors have turned to PowerPoints in closing arguments to summarize the evidence presented to the jury. The Ethics Corner summarizes cases where appellate courts found that prosecutors had committed professional misconduct in those presentations and gives practice points as to how prosecutors might use presentations ethically and effectively.

Protecting Veterans' Access to Housing

Chalia Stallings-Ala'ilima, Assistant Attorney General, Washington Attorney General's Office
Once the Washington Attorney General's Office heard that landlords were turning veterans away from housing because they were using Veterans Affairs Supporting Housing vouchers to pay rent, the office's Civil Rights Unit sent investigators out to determine the extent of the problem and ensure that such discriminatory conduct ceased. A new Washington law specifically prohibiting such discrimination gives the Civil Rights Unit the authority to insist that recalcitrant landlords come into compliance and end discriminatory practices.

Domestic and Global Expansion Remains a NAGTRI Priority

Jeanette Manning, NAGTRI Program Counsel
This article describes recent NAGTRI trainings and programs on an international level, including trips to Armenia and Macedonia, and hosting 23 attorneys from around the world to discuss consumer protection issues.

Recent Powers and Duties Decisions

Emily Myers, NAAG Powers and Duties Chief Counsel and NAGTRI Program Counsel
This article reports on the latest decisions across the country affecting the powers and duties of state and territory attorneys general.

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