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Volume 3, Number 4

January 2019: NAGTRI Journal

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The MSA - 20 Years Later

Tamara Schlinger, Counsel, NAAG Center for Tobacco and Public Health
With increased concerns over school security, public schools implementing state laws may find themselves running afoul of constitutional rights of students. This increasingly draws attorneys general into the fray. Social media use by students raises important questions as to whether or to what extent public schools may discipline students for threats posted on social media. The first in a two-part series.

Ethics Corner: The Nation's Prosecutors Uphold Their Sworn Oaths

Timothy C. Harker, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Criminal Health Care Fraud Coordinator for the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Tennessee
Many law review articles insist that overzealous prosecutors, intentionally or negligently exceeding the scope of their legitimate authority. This article argues that there is virtually no empirical support for this proposition, and the evidence supports the conclusion that prosecutorial misconduct occurs with admirable infrequency.

Supreme Court Federal Habeas Opinions in the 2017 Term

John Pallas, Division Chief of the Criminal Appellate Division of the Michigan Attorney General's Office
Federal habeas law continues to be of significant interest to the Supreme Court. This article summarizes the Supreme Court’s decisions on habeas cases in the 2017 term.

Disaster Recovery: Spotlight on State Courts

William Raftery, Senior Knowledge and Information Services Analyst, National Center for State Courts
The year-long presidential initiative for Attorney General Derek Schmidt has been a focus on innovative techniques that attorney general offices can use to serve their senior constituents. This article provides a road map as to how one state, the Oregon Department of Justice, is working to protect their citizens against elder fraud and abuse.

Recent Powers and Duties Decisions

Emily Myers, NAAG Powers and Duties Chief Counsel and NAGTRI Chief Editor
This article reports on the latest decisions across the country affecting the powers and duties of state attorneys general.

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