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NAGTRI Announces 2021 Fellows

NAGTRI Announces 2021 Fellows

This year’s class was slated to attend in June 2020 but, given the changed circumstances resulting from COVID-19, they instead will participate in 2021. Each year, NAGTRI strives to ensure diversity in all forms in every International Fellows class. This year, we accomplished this goal again by selecting a group of 20 attorneys from a pool of highly qualified candidates who specialize in various aspects of civil and criminal law, all of whom have experience working directly on domestic and sexual violence matters. The class includes government attorneys who are experienced gender-based, victim-focused, domestic violence or sexual assault prosecutors, policymakers, or attorneys who advise officials and government agencies on regulatory and enforcement mechanisms in furtherance of public health and safety. NAGTRI looks forward to welcoming and meeting the incoming class next year.

List of 2021 Fellows:

  Argentina – Maria Luisa Pique
    Australia – Lisel Avey

  Brazil – Rosana Barbosa Cipriano

  Canada – Blair MacPherson


  Republic of Maldives – Aminath Shahama


  Serbia – Boris Majlat


  Singapore – Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir


  South Africa – Dawn Coleman-Malinga


  South Korea – Sungkyum Choi


  Spain – Marta Holgado Madruga


  Sweden – Alexandra Bopp


  Taiwan – Yin-Chieh Hsieh


  United Kingdom – David McDonald


  Zambia – Gina Nyampachila Nyalugwe


  United States (Alaska) – Matt Heibel


  United States (Iowa) – Nicole Leonard


  United States (Montana) – David Ole Olson


  United States (Nevada) – Christine Jones Brady


  United States (Puerto Rico) – Luis Rivera Mendez


 United States (Wyoming) – Cara B. Chambers

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