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Where are They Now?

Where are They Now?

After just one week with colleagues from around the world, Fellows make lasting memories and friendships that continue to generate new opportunities for collaboration. Lessons learned in the program have influenced career moves and on-the-job decisions, and we are thrilled that Fellows remain in contact with each other from year to year. They have set a remarkable standard for the International Fellows Program which is sure to inspire our Fellows to come! Please see what our Fellows have been doing this past year and their great tips to get the most out of the Program for the new incoming 2021 class.

Daniel Burgermeister (Switzerland, 2019)

Since my participation in the 2019 International Fellows Program, not much has changed professionally. I'm still a cybercrime prosecutor and try to catch the bad guys on the Internet. To my great pleasure, our Cybercrime Unit, which consists of police and prosecution, is constantly being expanded. Just at the beginning of March two more investigators joined us.

Participating in last year's program has broadened my horizons through the exchange with colleagues from all over the world. I also appreciate the ongoing exchange of information via our group chat. The international exchange is particularly important in my day-to-day business investigating cybercrime cases. This is why events like the International Fellows Program are very important.

Daniel’s Tips: If you are not used to air conditioning in offices, I advise you to bring appropriate clothing, because NAAG's premises in Washington, D.C. are well cooled.

Glen Cash (Australia, 2016)

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since I attended the 2016 program with a wonderful group of people from all over the world. It was a whirlwind week diving into the field of corruption and one that sparked many interesting ideas and conversations. The opportunities presented by meeting hard working and dedicated prosecutors from around the globe had a lasting impact.

Since the 2016 program, my own career has changed significantly. I am no longer a prosecutor. In 2018, I was fortunate to be appointed a Judge of the District Court. The District Court is our intermediate trial court so now instead of prosecuting alleged offenders, I am presiding over their trials. The global perspective I developed as a result of the 2016 International Fellows Program stays with me even today.

If any of the 2016 Fellows ever feel like contacting me my new email address is

Glen’s Tips: Rest up beforehand as the program is hectic! Enjoy every minute but don't disappear to the gift shop at the Supreme Court while they are trying to set up the group photo at the Capitol Building!

Harris Chen (Taiwan, 2014)

Gladly, the year of 2019 was another fruitful one. First of all, it was my great pleasure to receive the NAAG delegation visiting Taiwan to meet with Minister of Justice Tsai in October 2019. The group was led by the District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine, who I met in Hawaii during the CWAG meeting in 2017. Also, I was honored to meet Alaska Attorney General Clarkson and NAAG Deputy Executive Director Al Lama and to serve as a bridge for the delegation interacting with Taiwanese criminal justice authorities.

In mid-2019, the High Prosecutors Office recruited me to serve as a key member of the Transnational Illicit Drug Combat Unit. Primarily, I negotiate with counterparts from the Southeastern and Pacific Region countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Palau, and Australia, in terms of intel sharing and mutual collaboration on addressing transnational drug crimes. We've seen tremendous illicit exportation and importation of drugs, especially methamphetamines in this area, and we hope with further cross border collaboration the situation will improve. To assist in this effort, I organized an official trip to Australia led by the Chief of High Prosecutors Office, along with several frontline prosecutors who specialize in combatting drug crimes. This trip was the first time that prosecutorial systems from both countries had the opportunity to closely discuss this important issue. In addition, I was invited to a couple of international conferences to present on anti-money laundering and anti-corruption.

In July, my immediate family and Dad took a trip to Turkey. What a country with breathtaking scenery and a rich culture. Swimming with my two daughters in a hotel pool beside Bosphorus was so unforgettable!

As the coronavirus disease plagues China and several nearby countries, the beginning of 2020 seems to be unpleasant. Yet, we are confident that Taiwan shall overcome, and the epidemic will be under total control soon.

Andre Luiz Nogueira da Cunha (Brazil, 2018)

It is an honor to have the opportunity to be in touch with all of you. I was really honored to participate in the International Fellows Program. I learned a lot through the lectures and the presentations and shared many experiences with my colleagues from all around the world. The time that I passed there was very important for my career and I made wonderful friends. While there, working together and gaining knowledge, you realize that a prosecutor´s job is not so different in each country.

Well, talking about personal matters, I continue working on consumer protection and administrative misconduct matters as a district attorney and teaching election law at the Superior School of Sao Paulo´s Public Prosecution Office in addition to e-learning courses. Last year, I had the great pleasure of meeting some of our good friends from NAGTRI and other International Fellows’ classes at the 2019 IAP Annual Conference, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was amazing having lunch together during the meeting as a team. This year, I will be attending the 2020 IAP Conference in Greece, and I hope to meet some of my friends again. I would like to express my deep and eternal gratitude to NAGTRI for the wonderful experience I had.

Andre’s Tips: Enjoy this unique opportunity to learn and mainly meet people who work like you and who have a lot of experience to share with you. Make new friends. Before you go, prepare yourself by reading a lot of papers, books, and articles and watching lectures about the subject of the program because it will help you to better understand the theme, even if you are already an expert. For those who are not native English speakers, advance preparation will help improve your technical vocabulary.

Kathleen Farrell Duhig (United States - Illinois, 2016)

After spending much of a decade as a criminal prosecutor for the Illinois Attorney General's Office, I returned to my roots and joined my dad and my brother in private practice at the family firm last year. Much of our practice is based on estate planning, probate, real estate, and civil and criminal litigation. In my last months at the attorney general's office, I prosecuted back to back murder jury trials, obtaining convictions in both. I continue to teach lawyers nationally for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), and I completed my NITA Teacher Training Certification in Boulder, Colorado, this past fall. As a committee member for the Women's Bar Association of Illinois, I helped to put on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment Centennial at the Union League Club of Chicago. I also co-chaired the spring event for the Illinois State Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Profession: Lawyers in Public Service. On a personal note, since I moved offices, I now have the privilege of walking my children to school every day. And on our coldest days, I take inspiration from my Nordic classmates.

Kathleen’s Tips: It is a sacrifice to be away from your family for such an extended period of time, but the knowledge you gain, the experiences you create, and the friendships you build make it all worthwhile.

Joseph Dworak (United States – New Mexico, 2017)

In 2019, I was appointed to a new role in our agency as Litigation Division Director. I supervise both attorneys and staff, and our work is comprised of conducting civil administrative prosecution for state licensing boards; representing state agencies, officials, and judges when sued in their professional capacity; appeals; and handling other civil litigation matters. One of the special projects I currently am working on is combating the over-prescribing of controlled substances from a civil regulatory approach to quickly address health providers that are threatening the public with unsafe prescribing practices - an all-too-common issue that we discussed during our International Fellows Program. I think about the wonderful attorneys from around the world who I met and think about them often and am thankful for this excellent program.

Navi Gill (Canada, 2017)

In unprecedented times, I reflect back on NAGTRI 2017. Since then, I have continued to diligently serve the BC Prosecution Service as a Crown Prosecutor. I have used the last year to find more work/life balance and I have enjoyed spending more time with my family and, at the same time, serving our province in conducting prosecutions. I have enjoyed surfing at my favourite B.C. waters and enjoying the peace that nature brings. I wish you all the very best during these times.

Klaus Hoffmann (Germany, 2019)

I am still with the Prosecution’s office in Freiburg, heading the section for drugs and organized crime. Coming back home, I had the chance to directly use the new network, making connections between our colleague from Israel and other colleagues in Germany. In the context of a big case, I am currently in touch with participants from the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Canada and participated in a great meeting with Europol in Madrid, Spain. Soon, on another big case, I’ll be meeting colleagues in Poland. Let’s all live the spirit of international cooperation. And let’s continue to share information and our experience. I still dream of a reunion with the brilliant group of 2019!!

Klaus’s Tips: Get in touch before the arrival and organize a first dinner or get-together on the first evening.

Nabaasa Carolyn Hope (Uganda, 2015)

Currently, I am working with the United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) as a Justice Affairs Adviser in Jubaland, Federal Member State of Somalia. Before joining UNSOM, I received accelerated promotions up to the rank of Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.

Nabaasa’s Tips: Be free and open. Every idea counts. Make friendships that last. The same friend will be helpful in your future professional journey.

Jayantha Chandrasiri Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka, 2013)

My IF class focused on Cybersecurity. The opportunity to share our experiences, views, and opinions on this important subject with colleagues from different jurisdictions was great. After completing the program, I continued my career as an Additional Solicitor General in the Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Department. Among other duties in that capacity, I was entrusted with supervising matters related to investigating and prosecuting computer crimes, payment devices fraud, and child abuse.

In February 2016, I was appointed the Attorney General of Sri Lanka and continued to serve the Republic in that capacity until April 2019. On 29th April 2019, I was appointed the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, bringing an end to my thirty-five-year long career in the Attorney General’s Department. The experience I gained as an International Fellow at NAGTRI will always enhance my capacity and insight.

Jayantha’s Tips: Engage with an open mind in all activities. Your views and experience will always benefit your colleagues, all of whom are engaged in discharging their respective duties in the criminal justice field. Academic and professional discussions and social events are well balanced to provide good exposure. This experience will benefit your career progression.

Sang Hyun Kim (South Korea, 2019)

Greetings from South Korea. Since February 2020, I've been working as a director of the Second Department at the East Busan Branch Prosecutor's Office. Thanks to the challenging International Fellows Program, I met wonderful colleagues and learned a lot about cybercrime. To further research on IT and cybercrime issues, I wrote a thesis for my master's degree this year. It is titled "Legal Issues in Data Analysis Using Homomorphic Encryption for Privacy Preservation."

Sang Hyun’s Tips: I introduced the International Fellows Program's presentation to an executive prosecutor preparing for an international program of Supreme Prosecutor's Office. Everything in this program was perfect.

Joel King (United States – Ohio, 2019)

In our "internet of everything" and "data is everywhere world," I tried and convicted a State Trooper for multiple sex offenses on and off duty, and relied heavily on his social media, old text messages, and the various ways data is tracked in his cruiser. Goes to show that nearly any investigation can (or should!) be a cyber investigation. I truly value the instruction from the plenary discussions during the International Fellows program, but also, and maybe more so, the knowledge shared by peers, as we worked in large and small groups, through lunches, and over drinks.

Joel’s Tips: NAGTRI creates a wonderful environment for collaboration with the program. You will meet experienced and knowledgeable colleagues from around the world. Although the immersive 10 or so day program establishes the collaboration, it continues after you depart.

Jeanette Manning (United States – District of Columbia, 2011)

This past year has been a busy but rewarding one. Professionally, we worked on initial efforts to build the NAGTRI Center for International Partnerships and Strategic Collaboration aimed at increasing opportunities for the attorney general community domestically and globally in addition to building partnerships that promote the rule of law throughout the world. Serving as director of this Center certainly required that I consider the many challenges the world faces and how NAGTRI can do its part in promoting peace and stability. I intend to spend the remainder of this year growing the Center as a globally recognized resource in all facets of justice sector reform, capacity building, and training and technical assistance. I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with many fellows at the International Association of Prosecutors annual meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I also had the wonderful opportunity to assist a delegation abroad in Israel. Personally, 2019 brought in a pleasant surprise after my partner and I decided to tie the knot and became engaged. Wishing happiness to all of you as we celebrate 10 years of the International Fellows Program! I still cannot believe that I was part of the original class. Time certainly flies.

Jeanette’s Tips: Please come prepared to learn and to listen—listening is more important. This way, you will have the ability to process all the information you are getting from your colleagues around the world in a very unique program. Also, rest before arriving and be prepared to be very busy during your time here as this program is not like most international events. You are in for a treat.

Henriette Norring (Denmark, 2015)

I have recently taken on a new task as head of a district prosecution unit of 25 prosecutors. They are mostly young prosecutors, so I take the opportunity to share my international experiences and the power of having a network in other countries with them. The unit specializes in crimes such as break-ins and robbery, but the most important task is the education of the many young prosecutors. I look forward to taking on the role of shaping the prosecutors of tomorrow.

The Fellows program remains one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences I have had as a prosecutor, and the knowledge of the lives and working conditions of my colleagues in other countries is a continued inspiration to me in my daily work.

Henriette’s Tips: Make time for socializing and try to keep in touch with your Fellows. They are your window to the international world of prosecutors.

Shannon O’Brien (United States – Illinois, 2019)

I'm still happily working for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and have expanded that work this year to be cross-sworn with the U.S. Attorney's Office for Central Illinois, working as a SAUSA - Special Assistant United States Attorney - (aka free help!) for the attorneys there who also prosecute online-based child exploitation. It's been interesting figuring out the differences of working in the federal system while simultaneously still doing my state-based work. On the personal front, my husband and I have made 2020 the year of home improvements and projects while still chasing around a toddler, so fingers crossed we manage to keep our sanity this year as well! Can't wait to see what my 2019 classmates have been up to.

Shannon’s Tips: Everyone reminds you to pack as light as you can, and just remember that applies to fabrics as well! D.C. humidity is the real deal. You'll easily gravitate toward classmates that have similar jobs or personalities as you, and that's great and you'll enjoy it. Just remember to take the time to interact with everyone--you'll be amazed what you learn!

Dufie Prempeh (Ghana, 2019)

I attended the NAGTRI program in 2019 as a Senior State Attorney. I have since been promoted to next rank (Principal State Attorney). The program has been very useful in enhancing my network of professionals. I have engaged and shared professional opinions with some participants of the course.

My participation in the program has enhanced my knowledge in so many subject matter issues. The program has improved my understanding of cybercrime issues, advocacy in prosecutions and challenges facing investigators and other key stakeholders in the cybercrime space. I have communicated with some of the participants on professional issues, and it has been extremely helpful. I have improved in my time management, teamwork, research, and advocacy in prosecutions.

Dufie’s Tips: Please engage actively in the program and make friends from the class to enhance your network. This will help you professionally when you go home.

Packing tips- Combine business attire with smart casual and FLAT shoes and a pair of heels just for the Photo shoot if you so wish.

Time! Time! Time! Please respect time, be punctual and enjoy the program fully.

Guillermo Gonzalez Soto (Mexico, 2016)

It has been almost four years since my participation in the NAGTRI International Fellows Program. This experience has been a milestone during my time as a Senior Legal Advisor at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) in Mexico. Last year, I focused on strengthening relations with our counterparts in Mexico after the country´s political transition following the 2018 presidential election. Regardless, we have been able to advance and increase multi-year international rule of law programs. I want to congratulate all the NAGTRI staff on the 10th anniversary of the program and I want to thank them for their great effort in keeping us all in contact as one big class. Thank you all.

Guillermo’s Tips: Finally, for the lucky ones who will embark on this program, prepare yourselves for a great experience that will mark a significant change in your personal and professional life.

Imre Szabó (Hungary, 2019)

I am still working for the Prosecutor’s Office of Hungary. One update is that I will be a mandatory lecturer at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. From September, the University will start a new postgraduate training in English: Combating Cybercrime, Corruption and Money Laundering. My courses are Victims of Cybercrimes and Cybercrimes in Online Trading.

Lilianne M. Timmes (United States – New Jersey, 2019)

Upon my return from the Fellowship in 2019, I continued to prosecute Internet crimes against children across New Jersey. I assisted in creating the model for undercover chat investigation operations in the state and assisted two counties with their own operations. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to be featured in an article in the New York Times on protecting children from predators in video game chat applications.

Currently, however, I am on maternity leave with my son, Griffin Edward, who was born on January 4! He was the extra International Fellow with us in June 2019, and I'm happy to be taking a break to adjust to life as a parent.

Lilianne’s Tips: Don't be married to your high heels! You walk so much, and you deserve to wear flat comfortable shoes. Also, take advantage of the local cuisine. NAGTRI provides some amazing local meals!

Wu Yi Tsung (Taiwan, 2012)

Since May 2019, I have served as the director of Taipei Branch, Administrative Enforcement, Ministry of Justice (Taipei Branch). The Taipei Branch is in charge of recovering monetary claims of public law (taxes, health insurance fees, fines, etc.). It is somewhat different from investigating crimes and prosecutions the prosecutor’s office conducts. Instead, we examine an obligor and investigate the debtor's financial situation. My experience as a prosecutor has been very helpful for my current job. As the director, I am in charge of leading and managing subordinates in the Taipei Branch, and it is a big challenge. However, I am satisfied with my performance so far.

The training I underwent in NAGTRI was a great experience. Having the opportunity to exchange experiences with prosecutors from all over the world, I learned about different judicial systems and models to handle cases, and it helped to accelerate my career and recognize how much of what is occurring in the world affected me as a prosecutor. You cannot find a better program other than NAGTRI. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity NAGTRI gave me to join its program.

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