Podcasts for Paralegals

The podcasts posted below are designed to assist paralegals working in a state or territorial attorney general’s office to utilize their skills and education to maximize their effectiveness as a vital and essential part of the office’s legal team.

Questions and topics for future podcasts can be sent to Judy McKee, NAGTRI deputy director, jmckee@naag.org.

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Bluebooking: Part I

Click here to view the citation worksheet associated with both Bluebooking podcasts.

Kathy Carlson, Legal Review Administrator, Wyoming Attorney General's Office

New for January 2018 are five different podcasts for paralegals: two detailing the intricacies of Bluebooking and three on Boolean Research Techniques. Listeners will download a worksheet and hear Kathy go through the posted Bluebooking worksheet to explain proper citation methods. In the three Boolean Research Technique podcasts, Kathy uses various examples of the type of research paralegals might do and describes in detail how such techniques can take the researcher to the right area of a legal database. There is a Westlaw Cheat Sheet on Boolean Operators posted for listeners. January 2018

Bluebooking: Part II

Boolean Research Techniques: Part I

Click here to view the Westlaw Cheat Sheet on Boolean Operators.

Boolean Research Techniques: Part II

Boolean Research Techniques: Part III

Ethics: What Paralegals Need to Know

Brendan Ruane, Professional Development Consultant and Lead Instructor, National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI)

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Discussion of the Laws and Rules Regarding the Practice of Law

Judy Zeprun Kalman, general counsel and head of the Attorney General Institute in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

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This 20-minute podcast reviews the vital rules paralegals must follow in the practice of law. If you don’t have time to listen to the full podcast, note that Judy reviews the three major guidelines set out by the American Bar Association using examples at 8:30. A discussion on the primary ethical pitfalls for a paralegal can be found at 11:40 as well as ways to avoid those pitfalls at 15:45. September 2016

Drafting Discovery Requests in Litigation

Mark Neil, NAGTRI program counsel

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This 23-minute podcast reviews tips for paralegals on drafting discovery requests. If you are short on listening time, Mark summarizes the three basic means of obtaining discovery, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the kinds of information they are best used to obtain: interrogatories at 9:55; requests for admission at 15:00; and requests for production at 18:45. September 2016

30 (b) (6) Depositions – Deposing an Organization, Company or Government Agency

Hedda Litwin, NAAG Cyberspace Law chief counsel and NAGTRI program counsel

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This 12-minute podcast reviews 30(b)(6) depositions in which you depose an organization, company or government agency as opposed to an individual. If you are searching for the highlights, Hedda explains how to respond to a 30(b)(6) deposition notice at 7:35 and gives advice to paralegals on how to prepare a 30(b)(6) deposition notice at 8:25. It ends with some advice for preparing 30(b)(6) witnesses at 10:10. September 2016

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