Knowledge and Skills

NAAG provides high quality, nonpartisan, CLE-eligible training for attorney general offices at meetings and trainings provided by NAAG and its training and research arm, the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI). Learn more about training opportunities offered by NAAG and its research and training arm NAGTRI.


In 2021, NAAG conducted 57 programs that were CLE eligible, resulting in as many as 254 CLE credits available.

ABA Membership

Attorney general staff of NAAG members are eligible for discounted membership with the American Bar Association.

Online Learning

NAAG provides new on-demand courses throughout the year that are free and members-only.


NAAG's partnership with the Practising Law Institute (PLI) provides attorney general staff access to free CLE-granting courses.

Meaningful Professional Relationships

Through meetings, committees, and working groups, NAAG facilitates nonpartisan collaboration among attorneys general and their staff on legal and law enforcement issues.

Online Communities

NAAG hosts several online communities for attorney general staff working in specialized areas, including:

If you do not already have access to these communities, you can register through your NAAG account.


NAAG’s standing and special committees offer attorneys general opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues and staff on legal and law enforcement issues.


NAAG convenes over 100 meetings and trainings each year through the U.S., allowing members to discuss ideas, learn about legal developments, and gain professional skills.

Specialized Services and Consulting

NAAG provides training, consulting, and substantive legal assistance to attorney general offices on matters related to the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, U.S. Supreme Court, antitrust, bankruptcy, and consumer protection.

Supreme Court Advocacy

Discover how the NAAG Supreme Court Center supports attorneys general in their work with the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2021, the NAAG Center for Supreme Court Advocacy:

  • Conducted 20 moot courts for U.S. Supreme Court arguments.
  • Edited 18 state briefs filed in the Supreme Court.

Tobacco Legal Services

In 2021, the NAAG Center for Tobacco and Public Health:

  • Worked closely with PwC and Citibank to secure the $6.6 billion MSA payment.
  • Represented the Settling States in the first “Released Claim” settlement with a Non-Participating Manufacturer resulting in $96 million paid to nine states.
  • Facilitated applications for, and oversaw, Tobacco Enforcement Fund grants totaling $3.505 million for use by the Settling States.

Learn more about the work of the NAAG Tobacco Center.

Click on the links below to learn more about other specialized services and consulting NAAG provides its members.

Support for Investigations and Multistate Cases

NAAG facilitates collaboration among the attorney general community related to multistate cases and supports committees that provide grant funding to attorney general offices for expenses related to investigation and prosecution of cases.

Antitrust Database

This database is a comprehensive source for all antitrust cases brought by state attorneys general and provides a complete view of the role of attorneys general in antitrust enforcement.

Electronic Document Review Platform (EDRP)

NAAG provides members access to an EDRP for consumer protection single state and multistate matters.


In 2021, attorney general offices received millions of dollars in grant funding to support consumer protection multistate matters and hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding to support antitrust enforcement.

Opportunities to Share Expertise and Legal Knowledge

Policy Leadership and Influence

NAAG facilitates testimony opportunities for attorneys general and their staff, coordinates calls and meetings with Congressional offices and other federal partners, and advocates on behalf of attorney general offices through bipartisan policy letters.

In 2021, NAAG:

  • Organized 5 House and Senate committee testimonies for attorneys general and staff.
  • Coordinated more than 130 briefings with Congressional offices.
  • Distributed 17 policy letters reflecting bipartisan policy priorities.

Discover NAAG's recent advocacy efforts.

Resources to Help Serve Constituents

NAAG publications, research, and resources provide best practices and facilitate information sharing among attorney general offices. Learn more about NAAG's resources:

  • The multistate settlements database provides comprehensive information related to multistate settlements between attorneys general and private entities.
  • The Statistics on the Office of the Attorney General is published by NAAG and includes data to assist supervisors and policy makers in preparing budgets and assessing resource needs.
  • NAAG member offices can request stock images from for reports, publications, social media, and more.
  • NAAG staff facilitate information requests on behalf of attorney general offices.

Discover recent reports and publications.

Promotion of Shared Priorities and Increased Public Awareness

NAAG raises the national profile of attorneys general with key audiences via its website, podcast, social media, and media outreach. Milestones achieved in 2021 include:

Explore NAAG news and resources.

International Engagement

NAAG offers member attorneys general and their staff opportunities to engage with international peers and domestic and international partners in the legal and law enforcement communities to promote collaboration on challenging global issues facing prosecutors and civil servants.

Learn more about NAAG's international efforts.

Management and Performance Support

NAAG assists member attorney general offices in maximizing organizational performance through management reviews, job postings, and comprehensive leadership training. Learn more about NAAG's management and performance support.

Job Board

Attorney general offices can advertise their employment opportunities by posting on NAAG's job board.

Management Reviews

NAAG member offices can request a management review to receive support, coaching materials, and trainings on various matters.

Travel Assistance

When possible, NAAG provides member attorneys general with travel assistance to attend NAAG meetings. Attorney general staff attending NAGTRI trainings on scholarship also receive travel assistance. Travel assistance generally covers roundtrip transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals.