The NAGTRI Center for Ethics and Public Integrity (CEPI) was created in 2016 to provide attorney general offices with vital training to support the fight against corruption. CEPI serves as a resource for prosecutors and others seeking information about corruption prevention and anticorruption enforcement, particularly at the state level, as well as legal and governmental ethics.  

CEPI provides attorney general offices and government attorneys with: 

  • Specialized training focused on anticorruption and ethics. 
  • Research to support the unique needs of government offices. 
  • Technical assistance for prosecutors. 

View CEPI’s core curriculum. 

The Anticorruption Manual: A Guide for State Prosecutors

The Anticorruption Manual: A Guide for State Prosecutors provides a comprehensive overview of prosecuting corruption in the United States. It is the first-ever publication designed specifically to address the needs of state and local corruption prosecutors. 

State Gift Laws

This resources includes a map and accompanying table display the types of state and territory statutes that govern when a public official may or may not accept a gift. The gift statutes apply to instances where a thing of value is given to an official without a clear quid pro quo and without adequate consideration given in return.

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