Active military personnel, their families, and veterans are unfortunately often targeted by scam artists and unscrupulous businesses who try to take advantage of the military consumers. Servicemembers are targeted for many reasons including their stable income, inexperience in financial matters, and the desire to solve their own problems, some out of fear that the problems may jeopardize their security clearance and careers.  

Attorneys general work to protect and assist our nation’s veterans by: 

  • Pursuing those who exploit veterans, servicemembers, and their families. 
  • Assisting veterans in areas of re-employment and other legal issues related to deployments and general military service. 
  • Working to ensure that veteran health benefits are protected.   

In each of these areas, the state and territory attorneys general advocate to ensure that current military members and veterans, as well as their families, receive the respect and benefits which they have earned through their service to our country.  

Learn how attorneys general actively work to protect the military community from scams through enforcement, outreach, and education. 

Veterans Legal Manual

This manual provides a concise overview of some of the major legal issues faced by military servicemembers, veterans and their families in broad areas such as litigation, consumer protection and employment.

It provides a valuable jumping-off point for attorneys general and their staffs to perform their due diligence in particular cases.

Courses and Trainings

Policy Letters

  • Veterans and Military

NAAG Urges U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to Reevaluate Changes to Claims Processing Policy

We urge the VA to postpone any change to this long-standing policy until the VA, VSOs and veterans can have more thorough discussions regarding the VA’s reasons for the change, the implications it will have on VSOs and veterans, and whether there are alternative solutions that do not call for complete elimination of this critical quality review.

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  • Veterans and Military

NAAG Asks Department of Education to Discharge Loans of Disabled Veterans

We write, as the Attorneys General of our jurisdictions, to urge the Department of Education to take prompt action to satisfy its statutory mandate to discharge the student loans of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled or otherwise unemployable. As a nation, we have a moral obligation to assist those who have put their lives on the line to defend us.

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  • Veterans and Military

Attorneys General Urge Senate to Support Veterans by Passing the Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act

We urge the Senate to further support this important court program. H.R. 886 would establish a Veteran Treatment Court Program in the Department of Justice to provide grants and technical assistance to state, local and tribal courts that implement Veterans Treatment Courts. As Attorneys General, we strongly support this important program in our courts and encourage the continued support of the Congress for our nation’s veterans.

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