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Each year, the NAAG president identifies an issue to raise public awareness and dedicate Association resources during their one-year term. In typical years, NAAG hosts a Presidential Summit, during which the NAAG president and their colleagues discuss the initiative topic, raise awareness, and suggest solutions to presented challenges.

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine has selected “The People v. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity” as his 2021 Presidential Initiative, which will focus on uniting state and territory attorneys general to counter hate and hate-related violence nationwide.

The initiative aims to elevate the national dialogue surrounding hate and find bipartisan solutions to raise awareness of hate and related violence, prevent hate from taking root in our communities, and support those who have experienced hate, to strengthen all of our communities. Learn more about the initiative by watching the videos below.

Questions about this year’s Presidential Initiative can be directed to NAAG Director of the Center for Excellence in Governance Mike Kuykendall.

Learn about the 2020 Presidential Initiative on Transformational Leadership and Civility or explore previous presidential initiatives.

For more information, contact:

Mike Kuykendall
Director, NAAG Center for Excellence in Governance

Resources to Combat Hate

Discover a variety of resources designed to assist attorneys general and their staff in combating hate.

Presidential Initiative Videos

The Rise of Hate and its Deadly Consequences

April 14, 2021

Are Citizen Militias Protected by the Constitution?

March 26, 2021

State of Hate in America: A Black History Month Fireside Chat

Feb. 25, 2021

2021 NAAG Presidential Gavel Pass

The People V. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine 2021 Presidential Initiative Remarks