Attorneys general are a leading consumer protection force in the country, generally receiving their authority from state consumer protection laws giving the attorney general primary enforcement responsibility within their state or territorySome federal statutes also give attorneys general jurisdiction to enforce federal consumer protection laws. Additional consumer protection authority is based on the common law. 

Attorneys general serve the public in a variety of ways in the sphere of consumer protection. These include: 

  • Education: Making consumers aware of their consumer rights and potential scams/frauds through speaking engagements, websites, press releases, public service announcements, mobile offices, social media, and other communications. 
  • Mediation: Serving as an independent mediator regarding disputes that consumers have with businesses.  
    • Consumers can file complaints with attorneys general, some of which offer a mediation service generally relying on the voluntary cooperation of both the consumer and the business. The mediator, who is independent and neutral, acts as a "go between" for the consumer and the business.Consumer complaints can often be resolved as a result of the mediation process.  
  • Enforcement: Investigation, settlement, and litigation of consumer protection matters. 

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Areas of Interest

Attorneys general have broad jurisdiction when it comes to consumer protection. Below are some of the numerous topics addressed by attorneys general.

  • Annuities
  • Automobiles
  • Debt Relief
  • Dietary Supplements and Pharmaceuticals
  • Do-Not-Call/Robocalls
  • For-Profit Colleges
  • Government Imposters
  • Health Fraud
  • Mortgage Servicing
  • Natural Disasters
  • Predatory Leasing
  • Privacy and Identity Theft
  • Scams
  • Seniors
  • Servicemembers and Veterans
  • Student Learn Servicing
  • Telecommunication

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