NAGTRI relies on the feedback and guidance of the NAGTRI Advisory Board to ensure that it continues to be responsive to the needs of the attorney general community. The NAGTRI Advisory Board members include training coordinators, executive staff, and other staff from attorney general offices.

Advisory Board members support continued growth by:

  • Providing continuous advice, counsel, and expertise regarding the development of NAGTRI operations, including curriculum and support to assistant attorneys general and other staff in NAAG member offices.
  • Attending regular planning and development meetings. These conversations serve as an opportunity for Advisory Board members to provide input on NAGTRI’s strategic planning, identify areas of curricular and faculty development, and give feedback for ways that NAGTRI can further support the AG community.
  • Serving as the representative from their jurisdiction to provide valuable insight into the specific training needs of their office.

For more information, contact:

Jeanette Manning
NAGTRI Director