Violence against persons or property is never an acceptable response to any election outcome and we condemn political violence of any kind. State attorneys general are speaking out about today’s violence at the U.S. Capitol. View NAAG's October Statement on Election Violence.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall:

“I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the actions of those who today attempted to storm the Capitol, a place where passionate but peaceful protestors had gathered and lawmakers debated inside. Our country is built upon the foundation of the rule of law. American democracy guarantees the right of peaceful protest. Those who chose to engage in violence and anarchy should and will be held accountable under the law.” 

“I stand by the brave men and women of law enforcement as they work to restore order. God bless the Capitol Police and all members of law enforcement who, as always, have showed such great courage in protecting their fellow man.” 


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich:

“This is America. We do not destroy buildings and institutions in order to save them. I encourage everyone to express themselves in a peaceful way and I hope our elected officials will listen to the concerns of the people. We all need to stop the fighting and start the listening.” 


Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser:

“The attack on the U.S. Capitol today is not only an assault on one of our iconic democratic structures, it is an assault on democracy itself. The mob responsible for today’s disgraceful spectacle in our Nation’s Capitol, and those who encouraged their behavior, must be held accountable. Their actions are the opposite of patriotism. 

“I am shocked and saddened that we have come to such a dark moment in our nation’s history. Like many Coloradans, I am processing the shame, sadness, and uncertainty I am feeling today. As we look forward, however, we must believe in our nation’s experiment of self-governance and our ability to summon the better angels of our nature.  

“Today’s events remind us that our democratic republic is only as strong as our commitment to it. All of us must recommit ourselves to justice, to civility, to decency, and to the sacred values that have guided our nation for more than 240 years.  

“I pray for our elected representatives and senators who will fulfill their constitutional duty to certify the electoral vote count, I pray for our republic, and I pray that we as a people will continue to build a ‘more perfect Union.’ America represents a bold idea—a commitment to just, orderly, and democratic self-governance. We must all do our part to live up to that idea and be our best authentic selves, particularly during this challenging time.” 


Connecticut Attorney General William Tong:

“This is no protest, this is a violent insurrection. We're under attack from within — figuratively and in fact,” Attorney General Tong said. “The terrorists, traitors and enablers who instigated, aided, and abetted this coup—including those in Congress-- must be held accountable and never walk these halls of democracy again. The President must resign now. Anyone still standing with Donald Trump in his attempt to reject the will of American voters and overthrow our democratically elected government shares his unmistakable guilt. Every American must reject this lawlessness and do everything possible to defend and protect our precious and now fragile union.” 


Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings:

"Patriotism is an action, not a title. Democracy is no more invincible now than it was in 1861, nor in this nation than in any of history’s other experiments in self-governance. Our democracy has only been strong when the people, and the government, worked to make it strong and to defend it, including through the transition of power."

"We are witnessing a despicable, unprecedented, and deranged insurrection in our nation’s Capitol. People have been hurt and more will be, due in no small part to the actions of Trump, and some Republican officials and bystanders, who have cynically stoked the flames of conspiracy and sedition for months. Our actions have consequences and the time for excuses has come and gone." 

"My heart breaks for the shameful display unfolding in Washington. This is not a protest. It is a violent insurrection. It is treason. And it is an assault on the foundation of this country. I am praying for the safety of everyone in the Capitol and hope for the swift and full prosecution of everyone responsible for this dark day in our country’s history." 


District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine:

“We call on President Trump to immediately tell his supporters, who are trampling on the District of Columbia and have breached the U.S. Capitol, to cease and desist and return from whence they came in a peaceful manner.  

“The United States of America is the world’s greatest democracy, and that rests on a peaceful transition of power. 

“We urge President Trump to do what he has not yet done, but what he must do: order his supporters to leave the District of Columbia and fully embrace the transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 

“In the midst of this unrest, all District residents must remain at home. Under no circumstances should anyone travel downtown nor be in the vicinity of federal buildings.” 


Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody:

“We are a nation founded on a rule of law and respect for those who uphold it. Violence against law enforcement officers attempting to keep the peace is unacceptable and anyone who attacks an officer should be brought to justice.” 


Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr:

“I support the right of Americans to peacefully protest, but the violence and destruction we are seeing at the U.S. Capitol is unacceptable and un-American. I condemn these actions in the strongest possible sense. You can not support freedom, our Constitution or the rule of law and engage in this type of behavior. Those responsible must be stopped and held accountable. I stand with my Republican attorneys general colleagues in condemning today’s violence just as we condemned the violence engulfing America over the last seven months. Thank you to our brave law enforcement officers on the scene right now who are working diligently to secure the People’s House.” 


Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden:

“At its core, America is a nation built on the rule of law and not personalities. I condemn today's acts that sought to override our rule of law, and those whose actions attempted to trample the Constitution. There is no place in the United States for the attempted mob rule that occurred at the Capitol. America is the solution to mob rule, it should never be the source of it. 


Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul:

“I will always support the right of the people to express their opinions through peaceful protest, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, but let us be clear: what we have witnessed today at the U.S. Capitol is not peaceful, it is not constitutionally-protected, and it is not a ‘protest.’ This violence is a criminal attack on our democracy. 

“The individuals who engaged in such criminal acts should not only be cleared from the Capitol so that Congress can resume its duties, but should be held fully accountable under the law. 

“Regardless of one’s political ideology, we should all recognize as un-American this attack on our republic: the hate and divisiveness symbolized by the Confederate flag and the noose at the Capitol, and the shameful invocation of Adolf Hitler by a member of Illinois’ congressional delegation. From both sides of the aisle, we must unite to condemn what threatens our values, system of government, and the rule of law.” 


Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill:

I condemned the violent rioting last summer perpetrated by people upset over the death of George Floyd. And I condemn the violent rioting today perpetrated by people upset by the outcome of a presidential election. 


Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt:

“The lawlessness at the U.S. Capitol today is sickening, shameful, inexcusable and counterproductive. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. This riot, like others before it over the past year, offends the law and order we fight to preserve every day, and it insults the men and women who fought and died for our Constitution and who serve the rule of law. America resolves even our most profound differences through democratic debate, through judicial processes, and sometimes through genuinely peaceful protest, but never through violence.” 


Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron:

“What is happening on Capitol Hill today is despicable, and I condemn it. We are a country founded on the rule of law. Concerns and grievances are addressed through the political process and through peaceful protests, not violence and anarchy. This must stop.” 


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey:

Let’s call this what it is: an attempted coup. This is on you, @realDonaldTrump. Tell your supporters to leave the Capitol NOW. Praying for the safety of Capitol staff, police, and reporters. 


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison:

The war to overthrow the US govt of 160 yrs ago is being revived today by a treasonous mob storming the US Capitol with confederate flags in a lawless, violent attempt to overthrow our democracy, urged on by the defeated president of the US. They must all be held accountable. 

Democracy is as strong as the people it serves & the American people are strong. More Americans voted in the last election than any time in the last 120 yrs and they delivered a clear, convincing result. Democracy has prevailed & will prevail bc the American people will prevail. 


Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch:

Peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy, but violence and destruction of property are unacceptable. We must continue to support our law enforcement as they protect us. Prayers for unity and peace.” 


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt:

“Every American has a right to peacefully protest but violence and lawlessness simply cannot be tolerated. Please join me in praying for the Capitol Police and other law enforcement today in Washington DC.” 


Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson:

“Today’s violent assault on our US Capitol is an afront to the principles of our Constitution. We are a nation of laws that are designed to maintain order and protect our freedoms. These freedoms include the right to peacefully protest, but lawlessness by any individual or organization cannot be tolerated. We as a people are better than this. We must live up to the greatness of this nation and not submit to lawless impulses.” 


New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal:

“The peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of our democracy. We should call this effort to overturn the will of the voters through violence, intimidation, and lies what it is: an attempted coup. This mob and its enablers must stop and must be held accountable under the law.”


New York Attorney General Letitia James:

“The coup attempt initiated by outgoing President Trump has been despicable. Today, it became violent. If blood is shed, it will be on his hands. These actions, fueled by lies and wild conspiracy theories espoused by President Trump, must be unequivocally condemned by every corner of our society. 

“Ultimately, I am confident the rule of law will prevail. Joe Biden, our duly elected president, will assume office on January 20th and history will remember this as a sad but unsuccessful attempt to destroy our democratic republic.” 


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost:

“The rule of law means the same rules for everybody. Those of us who called for prosecution of the people who stormed the federal courthouse in Portland must apply the same demand to those who stormed the Capitol today.  The color of your skin or the slogan upon your banner do not change what is acceptable and what is not. Let all of us in Ohio remain peaceful. Do not let a sense of injustice produce more injustice.” 


Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter:

“The violence at the U.S. Capitol is appalling and unacceptable. I echo the sentiments of Vice President Mike Pence, who said ‘peaceful protest is the right of every American, but this attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated, and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” 

“I hope Oklahomans join me in praying for those hurt in today’s attack on the Capitol, the safety of those attempting to restore order, and pray for peace and healing for our nation.” 


Oregon Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum:

The Rule of Law and a democratic society apply both in Washington D.C. and in Salem, Oregon. Please keep the peace, people of our state and country.” 


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro:

“The words of the President and his enablers encouraged the riotous behaviour you saw on the Capitol steps today. Despite efforts to derail our democratic process, Congress will return to the floor tonight and the will of the people will stand.” 


South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson:

“As I watch events unfold at the U.S. Capitol, I am deeply saddened. Peaceful protests and the expression of political beliefs are fundamentally American. However, violence undermines the intended cause of any protest and should never be tolerated. We must come together as a nation, not fracture in lawlessness.” 


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton:

“I call on protesters in our state and our nation’s Capital to practice their constitutional right in a peaceful manner. I stand for election integrity and the democratic process. I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder.” 


Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes:

“I condemn, in the strongest terms, the acts of violence at our nation’s Capital Building today. I pray for the safety of law enforcement working to keep order, for legislators of all parties as well as other civilians who are protesting peacefully. There is no place for violence in our political discourse, even over the most serious issues and disagreements. We are a nation of laws. This is not how Conservatives and Republicans behave. This is absolutely unacceptable.” 


Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan:

Completely shocking, unacceptable, Un-American behavior by Trump supporters to storm the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Biden’s victory. We are governed by the rule of law not by violence. We debate, we vote & we follow the will of the people.” 


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson:

“We can't sugarcoat it. This is a coup attempt. Today we witnessed an attack on the foundations of our democracy. 


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey:

“First amendment expression should always be welcomed. Violence must not be tolerated. All Americans should speak with one voice against breaching the Capitol.” 

“We should penalize those who breached the Capitol and broke our laws today to the fullest extent possible. We are a Republic and must oppose the lunatics who resort to violence to achieve their ends. Focus, people. What happened today is not okay on any level.” 


Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul:

“It’s difficult to believe what we’re seeing take place at the U.S. Capitol: a fascist riot incited by a lame-duck President desperately and illegitimately trying to cling to power based on absurd lies about the election that amount to voter fraud McCarthyism. 

“Those responsible must be held accountable for what appears to be a seditious conspiracy under federal law. 

“Once Congress has fulfilled its duty of certifying the results of the presidential election, it should immediately begin proceedings to remove the President from office. Every day he remains in office is a threat to the republic.”