The Robocall Technologies Working Group is a bipartisan taskforce of state attorneys general created in 2017 with the mission of relieving consumers of unwanted robocalls.  

In an effort to encourage voice service providers to provide meaningful results for consumers, the coalition developed the Anti-Robocall Principles. The Principles, signed in August of 2019 by 51 attorneys general and 12 major telecom providers, aim to reduce the number of illegal robocalls reaching the American people.  

The telecom providers agreed to incorporate eight principles into their business practices: 

  • Offer free call blocking and labeling. 
  • Implement STIR/SHAKEN, framework that would allow voice providers to adopt call-blocking technology and prevent spoofed calls. 
  • Analyze and monitor network traffic to identify robocalls. 
  • Investigate suspicious calls and calling patterns. 
  • Confirm the identity of commercial customers. 
  • Require traceback cooperation in contracts. 
  • Cooperate in traceback investigations. 
  • Communicate with state attorneys general. 

 The Robocall Technologies Working Group has also collaborated with USTelecom to trace and identify the source of illegal robocalls and share the information with law enforcement.