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Start: October 26

End: October 28

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Philadelphia, PA

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October 26-28, 2021
Philadelphia, PA

This annual seminar provides training on issues of interest to state antitrust enforcers that are typically not addressed in more general antitrust programs. Topics to be addressed at this year’s seminar include:

  • Valuation of antitrust claims
  • Discovery under FRCP 26
  • Best practices for remote depositions
  • Antitrust issues in labor markets
  • Effect of the Supreme Court’s decision on disgorgement in AMG Capital
  • Intersection of big tech and healthcare
  • State action immunity
  • Federal government antitrust priorities

There will be time allotted at the end of each day for litigation meetings.  This course is intended for attorney general office attorneys who represent the state and its citizens in antitrust matters.

Scholarship Nominations

One scholarship is available for each attorney general office for this conference. After the nominations have closed, each office will be alerted of which nominated attendee from their office has been accepted for a scholarship. If there is a second attorney general staff member who would like to attend this conference, please contact Emily Parsons at eparsons@naag.org.

Nominations will be due by Friday, August 27, 2021.

Non-Scholarship Pricing

Non-scholarship pricing is available for additional attendees and pricing will depend on the number of total attendees from your office. Please see below for more information. Offices should contact Emily Parsons at eparsons@naag.org to register additional staff members.

Category Registration Fee
First attorney general staff member from a State  $575.00
Second (or more) attendee  $395.00


Contact your nominator: If you are interested in attending this conference, click the button below and follow the instructions to contact your office’s NAAG Nominator and submit your interest.

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NAGTRI will apply for CLE for attendees eligible under CLE accrediting body guidelines. Note: If you or anyone in your office has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Parsons at eparsons@naag.org.