Leadership development training was established in 2016 to maximize organizational performance in attorney general offices through comprehensive and dynamic leadership trainingThe work of provides supervisory staff a systematic learning experience to enhance leadership development and management skills in attorney general offices 

Serves the attorney general community by:  

    • Providing traditional classroom-style instruction, online and blended learning, and webinars. Learn about courses. 
    • Developing gold standard model curriculum in the areas of managerial leadership with a specific focus on developing leadership behaviors. 
    • Providing an informative and participatory learning experience with interactive presentations and application exercises designed to transfer learning to workplace situations.  
    • Creating coaching resources and case studies tailored to meet the unique needs of leadership in attorney general offices.  

We also provide support, coaching materials, and trainings to offices on matters identified as part of a NAAG management review. 

For more information, contact:

Blake Bee
Senior Counsel

Wellness Resources

Leadership development has collected wellness resources for attorney general staff, including resources on legal professional wellness, mental health and addiction, and wellness and optimal living. Attorney general staff must be signed in to your NAAG account to access the content.