2024 Chief Deputies and Chiefs of Staff Seminar

Hotel Nikko 222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

This program is designed for senior officials in an attorney general office. Current and former chief deputies and chiefs of staff will share valuable insights and perspectives. The meeting provides attendees with opportunities to network with one another. This year's event will share some programming with the Consumer Protection Spring Conference. Attendees can also attend…

AI-Generated Child Sexual Abuse and Obscene Material: Prosecution Tools and Policy Responses


The presentation will: Discuss the AI-generated Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) problem. Outline federal criminal statutes that reach AI-generated CSAM. Explain some of the policy initiatives in which the U.S. Department of Justice is engaged in this space. Highlight resources for state and local partners. Speaker Ross B. Goldman, Senior Policy and Appellate Counsel, Child…

Oral Advocacy vs. Written Advocacy: Synergizing the Two to Maximize Your Legal Practice


Join us for a webinar designed to merge two advocacy skills. This Masterclass will discuss the intersection between oral advocacy and legal writing. We will empower the audience to overcome the stigma of "being only a good orator or writer" by highlighting the parallel between legal writing and oral advocacy. We will challenge the audience…

Charities 101 Training Virtual


This four-session program is intended to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skills in a constructive and positive learning environment facilitated by experienced attorneys serving as faculty. While the course will discuss investigation and litigation issues, this is NOT a trial advocacy course in the strict sense of the term. Rather, it is designed to expose…

Practical AI for the Practice of Law


Amidst a sea of AI seminars, this aims to give you the practical knowledge that you need to understand recent changes in technology that have catapulted AI into the legal spotlight. We will give a brief overview of how this technology works, the ethical questions surrounding this technology, and an overview of the tools available…

The State of State Technology and Cybersecurity


CyTech Monthly Series The State of State Technology and Cybersecurity: A Briefing for the NAAG Community Please join us for our annual state technology and cybersecurity update from our partners at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). NASCIO leaders will discuss: The key technology trends occurring in the states. The generative and…

Human Resources Officer Seminar

Dallas, Texas Dallas, TX, United States

This program is designed for attorney general office human resource officers to network and discuss important issues of the day. A range of topics will be covered during the program including recruitment and classification, the future of work, workplace flexibility/telecommuting, and employee relations. Schedule June 27 – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (CT) June 28…

Masterclass | Mastering Hearsay


This webinar will demystify hearsay and empower you to navigate hearsay issues at trial. We'll provide a comprehensive overview of what is – and isn’t – hearsay, discuss the evidentiary rules governing hearsay and the rationale behind them, and offer tips for anticipating, making, and meeting hearsay objections.

Anatomy of a Complex Consumer Protection Case Training

The Nines 525 SW Morrison Street, Portland, OR, United States

This training is open to attorney general staff only.  Scholarship nominations are due Friday, May 10, 2024. This intensive three-and-one-half-day program is intended to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skills in a constructive and positive learning environment facilitated by experienced faculty attorneys. The program’s primary goal is to afford participants the opportunity to successfully navigate…

State Solicitors General and Appellate Chiefs Conference

Chicago, Illinois

The conference will provide a forum where state solicitors general and appellate chiefs can exchange ideas and obtain information to help improve each state’s appellate practice. This training is open to attorney general staff only. Scholarship Nominations Nominations are due Friday, May 10, 2024. NAAG will provide a limited number of scholarships to selected participants.…