Oakland, Sacramento, or Los Angeles, California

Posted Date

April 8, 2024

Contact Information

Alysia Phillips

Are you interested in joining a newly-created team charged with enforcing constitutional policing practices on behalf of the Attorney General and the State of California? The Police Practices Section (POL) is seeking experienced and motivated attorneys to join our new team within the California Department of Justice.

Positions may be filled in Oakland, Sacramento, or Los Angeles.

The Attorney General has constitutional and statutory oversight authority relating to local law enforcement agencies in California. POL handles a broad range of investigations, formal and informal reviews, and other actions related to local law enforcement agencies on behalf of the Attorney General.

The advertised positions will support POL’s general constitutional policing investigations under California Civil Code section 52.3 and the implementation of Assembly Bill 1506, including Government Code sections 12525.3, subd. (b)(2)(B)(iii) and 12525.3, subd. (c). POL will work on general issues relating to policing, including use of force and de-escalation, officer-involved shootings, operations, management and supervision (such as hiring, promotion, discipline, and termination of sworn officers), and community engagement and civilian oversight of local law enforcement agencies.

Individuals hired into the advertised positions will have significant engagement with other sections and divisions of the California Department of Justice, including the Division of Law Enforcement, the Criminal Law Division, the Civil Division, and other sections of the Public Rights Division, as well as other state agencies. Well-qualified candidates will have demonstrated a subject matter expertise with law enforcement issues, as well as a commitment to social justice, countering bias, and advancing the rights of Californians through investigation, litigation, or other forms of advocacy, as explained in their statement of qualifications.

Assignments in the Police Practices Section may include: affirmatively planning, organizing, managing, and conducting large-scale investigations and civil litigation, often on cutting edge, novel issues of law and fact; researching complex factual and legal issues on emerging constitutional rights and civil liberties issues relating to policing practices; engaging with civil rights organizations, other advocates, and members of the public; providing advice on sensitive and high-profile matters to the Attorney General, other high level state officials and agencies, and other sections and divisions of the California Department of Justice; reviewing and analyzing proposed state legislation; preparing informational materials for the public; and developing model policies, training, and best practices for state and local law enforcement agencies. The most competitive candidates will have significant experience with systemic impact investigations and/or developing and litigating complex matters in federal and state courts.

Salary Ranges (Monthly):

  • DAG III (5+ years of legal experience) $10,536.00 – $13,526.00
  • DAG IV (6+ years of legal experience) $11,644.00 – $14,954.00

Benefits of working for the State of California:

  • Work-life balance (40 hours/week)
  • 11 paid holidays
  • Flexible paid leave options
  • Consistent wage increases
  • Pension retirement
  • Job Stability
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • And more!


All applicants must reside in California and be members in good standing of the California State Bar.

Must have a minimum of five (5) years of experience as a licensed attorney.

Application Process

Please submit an application on CalCareers (link below) by 4/29/2024 at 11:59pm Pacific.


Your application package must include:

  • State employment application form 678 (completed online)
  • Resume
  • Writing Sample: Court filings, motions or appellate briefs are preferred.
  • Statement of Qualifications (instructions can be found on the link above)