Phoenix, Arizona

Posted Date

July 2, 2024

Contact Information

Mitchell Allee

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office Civil Litigation Division/Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section is seeking a Senior Litigation Counsel to identify, evaluate, prioritize and respond to complaints about possible consumer fraud and related unlawful conduct.


This position will supervise and conduct formal and informal investigations. Will conduct all phases of consumer fraud litigation including discovery, motion practice, trial and appeals in administrative hearings, state superior court, federal court and also at the appellate level, where necessary, including complex litigation.

As directed by Chief Counsel, will assist in civil litigation efforts throughout the Section particularly complex litigation and trial practice in the area of consumer fraud. Will mentor and advise newer, less experienced attorneys, providing advice, consultation, work review, and co-counseling. Will develop section cooperation to enhance the Office’s ability to respond to litigation emergencies and participate in major litigation. Will assume responsibility for own individual assignments and also serve as a section resource, providing advice, information and support to other attorneys, staff and management.

Will provide written and oral legal opinions and advice on a wide variety of legal and policy issues that arise in the Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section. Will also assist in legislative and community education efforts.

Will participate and coordinate with other attorney general offices in multi-state litigation and other activities. May also be assigned to work on executive committees for multi-state litigation.


Responsible for knowing civil procedures, filing deadlines, completing matters on timely basis, producing professional pleadings and keeping abreast of new statutes and case law.

Must have knowledge and understanding of applicable consumer fraud statutes, other Arizona statutes, federal laws relating to consumer issues and the rules and regulations of state and federal courts.

Must also have knowledge of legal techniques and the basic concepts of American jurisprudence and of the formats utilized in the preparation of legal documents.

In addition, must possess knowledge of the practical factors that impact investigative and litigation decisions and goals, including target and defendant responses, opposing counsel strategies and judicial perspectives, and victim/witness considerations; experience with settlement negotiations; and knowledge of financial considerations for the state and defendants.

Skills include legal and factual issue analysis, legal research, legal writing, oral presentation, and negotiation.

Other skills include advocacy, public speaking and media communications; trial skills; negotiating skills; investigative skills; and the ability to work closely with law enforcement personnel as well as witnesses.

Must identify issues and prepare concise analysis of legal documents and records.

Must prepare legal briefs, memoranda and correspondence efficiently and with minimal supervision.

Must have an ability to interact with and obtain information from witnesses, coworkers, representatives of state and federal agencies and the courts.

Abilities include effective and situation-appropriate interpersonal communication, good judgment, high ethical and professional standards, empathy with other section lawyers and staff, and ability to function well under time constraints and other pressures.

Ability to operate software and equipment that is common to a modern work environment.

Application Process

Links to apply will be found at AZAG.GOV/employment.  Requisition Identifier 527002