Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$100,000 costs


Connecticut Superior Court (Hartford Judicial District)

Docket Number


Lead State


Participating States



American Medical Response, Inc.

Case Description

After investigation, plaintiff state reached settlement with AMR, largest ambulance service provider in Connecticut. AMR was required to divest 30 ambulance licenses to its competitors, and made available 20 ambulances to be sold to competitors at fair market value. Additionally, the ambulance company agreed not to oppose any Certificate of Need license applications filed in the next three years by any of its competitors. AMR also agreed to renounce its rights to 40 percent of Hartford’s “primary service area” in favor of a competitor, The company also agreed to renounce its rights to Fairfield’s PSA, allowing the town to seek competitive bidders. AMR was prohibited from engaging in conduct that amounts to unlawful price fixing, group boycotting, or territorial divisioning with a competing ambulance service under the guise of a network. AMR must provide the Attorney General with advance, written notice of any future ambulance-service acquisitions in Connecticut. As part of the settlement, AMR paid the state’s attorneys fees and costs in the amount of $100,000.