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Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$9,000 costs


Superior Court of Connecticut, Hartford

Docket Number


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Associated Buy Liquor Rite Merchants of Connecticut, Inc.; Putnam Liquors, Inc.; Louis Cirillo, d/b/a Westfair Spirit Shop; Larry’s Package Store, Inc.; Sandra Lofgren, d/b/a North End Package Store; Bloom’s Package Store, Inc.; Edward F. Norman, d/b/a Bridge Package Store; Majo, Inc.; Markey Corporation, Inc., d/b/a David’s Package Store; Howard-Adam Corporation, d/b/a Harvey’s Wine and Spirit; Daniel L. Leon, d/b/a Sav-Mor Liquors; Harriet B. Leon, d/b/a Pioneer Package Store; Liquorfellers Liquor City, Inc., d/b/a Wayside Liquor Shop; Cozzolino’s Package Store, Inc., d/b/a Westville Wines; Daniel A. Santos, d/b/a Plaza Package; Franc’s Liquor Shop, Inc., d/b/a Al’s Warehouse; Edward Savage & Eleanor G. Savage, d/b/a Harry Halm’s Liquor; Warehouse Wines and Spirits, Ltd., Inc.; Warehouse Wines and Liquors, Inc.; Springdale Liquors, Inc.; Steven J. Leon, d/b/a Steven’s Wine and Liquors; Michael J. Polke, d/b/a Willowbrook Spirit Shoppe; Richard M. Petruccelli, d/b/a Wine and Liquor Mart; S.J. Leon, Inc., d/b/a Plaza Package Store

Case Description

Association of retail liquor dealers were enjoined from jointly advertising various featured items at a uniform price.