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Connecticut Superior Court, Hartford Division

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Connecticut Chiropractic Association (CCA); Connecticut Chiropractic Council (CCC); Robert Hirtle

Case Description

State alleged that members of both trade groups, spurred on by their leadership,
illegally agreed to boycott Anthem Health Plans, Inc.’s intention to form a new network for chiropractic services that would be administered by American Specialty Health Networks, Inc. (ASH). Hirtle (longtime counsel to CCA) facilitated the conspiracy by aggressively urging chiropractors to opt out
of the proposed network. Chiropractors feared that the ASH contract would lower reimbursement rates for chiropractic services. The state alleged that the illegal boycott improperly influenced the rates paid to
chiropractors; raised chiropractic costs for Anthem; and deprived Anthem, ASH
and consumers of the benefits of competition among chiropractors. Under the settlements, the CCA, CCC and Hirtle have agreed to pay $87,000 in civil penalties to the state (CCA paying $50,000; CCC paying $20,000; and Hirtle paying $17,000). Both chiropractic trade groups have also agreed not to conspire in any form whatsoever to refuse to deal or threaten to refuse to deal with any health insurer. The groups will also establish and maintain antitrust training and compliance programs that will be required of all officers, members and employees.