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U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida

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Borden, Inc.; Dean Foods Company; Flav-O-Rich, Inc.; Kraft, Inc.’ Land-O-Sun Dairies, Inc.; Pet, Inc.; The Southland Corporation; Barber Dairies, Inc.; Dairy Fresh Corporation; Kinmett Dairies, Inc.; Bassett Dairy Products, Inc

Case Description

Florida sought treble damages, investigative costs, attorneys’ fees, and permanent injunctive relief, alleging that defendant companies conspired to enter agreements with potential competitors to rig bids on Florida county school milk requirement contracts. Several of the less involved companies in the alleged conspiracy were able to negotiate a dismissal without prejudice with the state. However, all of the defendant companies were required to pay damages, amounting to $33,063,116.36. Further, the defendant dairy companies were permanently enjoined from the alleged activity. Also, as a result of the litigation, Southland Corporation sold its Velda Farm Assets.