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United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida

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Hugh J. Smith Land Surveying Inc.; Kevin A. Smith Land Surveying, Inc.; Hugh J. Smith; Kevin A. Smith; William B. Kisinger; Allen Engineering Inc.; John M. Allen and Robert M. Salmon; Brevard Surveying Inc.; Campbell Surveying and Mapping of Brevard, Inc.; Gordon & Deithorn Land Surveyors, Inc. and David A. Deithorn; The Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors Inc.; Herrera, Williams & Powell, Inc. and William Powell; Holley & Associates, Inc. and Tom Holley; Island Surveying and Mapping Company; Michael J. Kane; Rothery Surveying Inc., William A. Lane, Inc.; William Mott Land Surveying Inc.; William M. Mott; William A. Mott and Jonathan Mott; R.M. Packard & Associates, Inc., and Robert Packard; Post, Buckley, Schuh, & Jernigan, Inc

Case Description

The State of Florida sought damages, civil penalties, and permanent injunctive relief, alleging that between November 1, 1991 and December 31, 1992, defendant surveying companies conspired to fix the prices on land surveying services provided to customers in Brevard County, Florida. The state alleged that by agreeing to eliminate or restrict price competition in Brevard County in the sale of land or boundary surveys, purchasers of those surveys paid higher prices then they otherwise would have but for the alleged conspiracy. In order to avoid further litigation, the parties agreed to settlement terms. The surveying companies agreed to a total settlement sum of $132,700 and were permanently enjoined from the alleged conduct. The bulk of the monies were returned to homeowners who had overpaid for surveys as a result of the conspiracy