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U.S. District Court for the Middle Dist. of Florida; U.S. District Court for the Northern Dist. of Florida

Docket Number

82-1322-Civ-T-WC; 84-7023-Civ-MMP

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JW Conner, Jr.; C.W. Matthews Contracting Company, Inc., Ballenger Corporation; Ashland-Warren, Inc.; Cone Brothers Contracting Company and the Hardaway Company; W.L. Cobb Construction Company and Oman Construction Company Inc.; Craggs Construction Company and Thomas J. Craggs; Hubbard Construction Company and Orlando Paving Company; Harper Brothers, Inc. and Daniel R. Harper; Highway Pavers, Inc.; Dixie Asphalt Co., Inc. and Jay S. Eaton; The Dickerson Group, Inc.; Marion Construction Company

Case Description

The State of Florida sought treble damages and injunctive relief, alleging that defendant highway construction companies colluded or rigged the bids in submission of construction contracts, subcontracts, and contracts for equipment, materials, or supplies. In order to settle the dispute, the defendant construction companies agreed to settlement terms with the State of Florida. As part of the settlement, the defendant highway companies agreed to pay $22,408,980. Approximately $3,337,404.95 of the $22 million was disbursed to the State of Florida to pay investigative costs and attorney’s fees. A majority of the settlement sum reimbursed the state for overcharges related to highway construction contracts