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Settlement Amount

$140,000 ($100,000 civil penalties, $40,000 fees and costs)


Oskaloosa County Circuit Court, Florida

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Robert Tate; Tate Enterprises; Tate Oil Inc.; Prashant R. “Peter” Shah;Shri Goyam, Inc.

Case Description

State of Florida alleged a retail gasoline price-fixing conspiracy in and around Crestview, Florida, between Tate, Tate Enterprises, Inc., Prashant R. “Peter”Shah, and Shri Goyam, Inc., involving, among other things: (i) agreeing to fix retail gasoline prices at a gasoline station located at 698 North Ferdon, Crestview, as a condition of the purchase of the station; (ii) raising retail gasoline prices at the 698 North Ferdon
station to ensure that the pricing remained the same as a competitor’s gasoline prices in Crestview, in accordance with the pricing agreement; and, (iii) communicating with a competitor, in person and via telephone, to discuss the coordination of retail gasoline pricing. Tate parties agreed to pay $100,000 in civil penalties, $40,000 in costs and fees. Injunctive relief: for five years Tate will not engage in (i) seeking, entering into or performing any agreement or understanding with any competitor involving retail gasoline
prices; (ii) communicating with a competitor for purposes of coordinating retail gasoline prices; or (iii) taking any action that would result in the non-competitive pricing of retail gasoline anywhere in Florida.