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Circuit Court of the First Circuit, Hawaii

Docket Number

S.P. No. 5483

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Hawaii Society of Anesthesiologists

Case Description

Plaintiff State sought an injunction, alleging that Defendant, Hawaii Society of Anesthesiologists conspired to set the prices for the services of member anesthesiologists. In order to resolve the dispute without further litigation, Defendant agreed to refrain from using any particular fee schedule or relative value guide in determining fees to be charged by anesthesiologists for rendering anesthesia services or discouraging individual anesthesiologists from independently determining their fees on such basis as they should choose. Additionally, Defendant agreed to refrain from participating in or furthering any agreement, understanding, plan or course of conduct having the purpose or foreseeable effect that anesthesiologists jointly determine to: (1) accept or reject all or any terms of Medicaid standard provider contracts; (2) reject or discharge Medicaid patients; or (3) threaten not to participate in the Medicaid program.