Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$2,167,000 + approximately $733,000 in goods and products


Judicial Circut in and for Leon County, Florida

Docket Number

94-3080; 93-1390; 93-3381; 94-442;

Lead State


Participating States



Agtrol Chemical Products, Inc.; Cuproquim Corporation; DowElanco; FMC Corporation; Griffin Corporation; Mark Shine; Miles, Inc.; Helena Chemical Company; ISK Biotech Corporation; LESCO, Inc.; Micro Flo Company; Lykes Agri Sales, Inc.; Terra International, Inc.; United Agri Products-Florida, Inc.; Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.; Valent USA Corporation; Vigoro Industries, Inc.

Case Description

The State of Florida resolved allegations that defendant pesticide companies conspired to fix the price and set the minimum resale price for which agricultural chemicals or pesticides were sold. The pesticide companies’penalty for noncompliance by distributors was a revocation of certain incentives they received. In response, many distributors agreed to the resale price set forth by the pesticide companies, effectively establishing the conspiracy. The alleged conspiracy resulted in increased costs to growers which, in turn, led to higher prices for consumers. In order to resolve the dispute without litigation, the parties entered a settlement agreement in which the defendant companies agreed to pay $2,167,000 plus approximately $733,000 in goods and products to benefit the State of Florida. See the related multistate case involving American Cyanamid. Docket numbers for the settlements are 94-3080; 93-1390; 93-3381; 94-442; 93-1004; 93-3540; 93-1954; 93-2125; 94-459