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Settlement Amount

$50,000 costs


Superior Court of Vermont

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Casella Waste Systems, Inc

Case Description

After investigation, State agreed with waste hauler that hauler would limit the terms of its contracts and would notify Attorney General of future acquisitions. In 2011, Casella agreed to pay $1 million to resolve claims by the State that certain of Casella’s contract
provisions continued to make it difficult for customers to switch waste hauling
providers and stifled competition. In the 2002 agreement, Casella promised to remove a number of terms from its customer contracts, including requirements that customers provide Casella notice of competing offers and provide more than 30 days notice of termination before the contract automatically renewed. Casella acknowledges that in 2009 and 2010, it erroneously issued approximately 2,441 contracts to its customers which each contained at least one term that was prohibited by the 2002 agreement.