Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$76,000 civil penalties



Docket Number

Assurance No. 17-137

Lead State


Participating States



Compulink Technologies, Inc.; Milenio Technology, LLC

Case Description

Defendants are providers of GovDelivery, a cloud-based digital communications solution. New York State government entities issued RFPs seeking bids for GovDelivery solutions. Compulink submitted bids. In order to provide the necessary number of bids for the procurement process in New York, Compulink arranged for Milenio, run by the wife of Compulink’s owner, and another bidder to submit bids at a higher price than Compulink’s. Compulink was awarded contracts as a result fo these sham bids. Although the bids were rigged, the investigation determined that the sham bids were submitted to satisfy the requirements for an expedited procurement process, rather than to secure higher prices. The parties agreed not to communicate with others concerning bids, not to hold themselves out as separate entities, and allow the AG to monitor their future conduct. They also paid $75,000 in civil penalties. Denise Arboleda, President of Milenio Technology, also pled guilty to failure to obey the command of a subpoena.