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Louisiana Court of Appeals

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Brunswick Bowling and Billiards Dover, Inc., Ebonite International, Inc., DBA Products, Inc., Bowling and Billiards Supply of Dallas, Inc., Faball Enterprises of Maryland, Inc.

Case Description

A Louisiana distributor of bowling products and accessories attempted to add bowling balls to its line of products. Adding balls to its product line put the business into direct competition with the above listed distributors. The distributors threatened to and in fact did conspire with the manufacturers to bar the Louisiana competitor from competition in Louisiana and elsewhere. The conspiracy led to a boycott of the Louisiana business. The purpose of the boycott was to restrain competition and enforce its price fixing and price discrimination scheme. The manufacturers terminated existing business with the Louisiana competitor. Settlement terms were payment by defendants of $9,000, which included court costs payed by defendants and attorney fees of $6,500, plus the award of contract to a Louisiana businesman.