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Kennebec Superior Court, Maine

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Anesthesia Professional Association

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Salaried anesthesiologists at Maine Medical Center who also provided anesthesiology at Mercy Hospital, who provided or supervised all anesthesiology at both hospitals, left the employ of MMC and merged into an independent association that contracted with both hospitals for 100% of the anesthesiology services. The association established all prices, agreed not to accept assignment for most Medicare patients (agree to bill government and not patient for excess); for a term of months refused to contract with Blue Shield; and made efforts to block entry of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). The anesthesiologists agreed via Consent Decree to specific limitations on reimbursement increase, were enjoined from 1)controlling staff privilege decisions and CRNA hiring and scope of work decisions, 2)entering into an exclusive contract with any hospital, 3) collectively influencing educational opportunities of CRNAs.