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Circuit Court of Maryland, Harford County

Docket Number

WL 11466

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Medical Staff of Harford Memorial Hospital

Case Description

State sought an injunction, alleging that Defendant, Medical Staff of Harford Memorial Hospital (Harford), agreed to refuse to deal with any radiologists who were in competition with O. G. Radiology Associates. The State further alleged that the purpose of the agreement was to prevent Harford from obtaining radiological services from radiologists not currently members of the Medical Staff and to compel Harford to accept the contractual terms demanded by O. G. Radiology Associates. As a result of the alleged agreement, radiologists were foreclosed from access to patients, and therefore excluded from the market. In order to resolve the dispute without further litigation, Defendant entered an Assurance of Discontinuance whereby Defendant agreed to not enter any agreement for the purpose of interfering with the negotiation or acceptance of contractual terms between Harford Memorial Hospital and any physician.