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U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts

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Stop & Shop Companies, Inc., SSC Associates L.P.

Case Description

Joint FTC/state review of acquisition by Stop & Shop Markets of Purity Supermarket chain. FTC and State entered into separate identical consent orders Under the orders,Stop & Shop would have nine months to divest to an FTC approved acquirer 17 supermarkets in and around the Boston
metropolitan area. In addition, the settlement required Stop & Shop and SSC Associates to notify the FTC, for 10 years, before acquiring supermarket assets in eastern Massachusetts. The proposed settlement also contains a 10-year ban on entering into or enforcing any agreement that restricts the ability of another entity to operate a supermarket that is (1) on a site in eastern Massachusetts that formerly was occupied by a Purity supermarket or (2) on a Stop & Shop site on either Cape Cod or not more than two miles from any former Purity supermarket in eastern Massachusetts.