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Ramsey County Court, Second Judicial District

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Wells Dairy

Case Description

The State of Minnesota alleged that Wells Dairy was involved in a bid-rigging and market allocation scheme on milk contracts with Minnesota public school districts primarily in southwestern Minnesota. In a Consent Decree Wells agreed to pay $142,150 in restitution, attorneys fees and costs to the State. The State alleged that Wells agreed with other dairies to divide the public school districts so that Wells would submit the winning bid for milk contracts with certain school districts and would submit complementary, or non-competitive, bids in other school districts. The settlement arose from an investigation initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division, and undertaken jointly with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. Ultimately, Minnesota settled with three dairies in the school milk cases, and the bulk of the $889,880 resulting from those settlements was distributed to the impacted school districts in southwest and northwest Minnesota.